Karkloof Emperor  (Pearl Emperor, Pearl Charaxes)

Charaxes varanes (Nymphalidae) is a west African butterfly up to 10cm  with a beautiful contrasting color. The body is light grey and the wings white near body, remainder orange with brown patches and flecks. The hindwings have pointed tails.

The photo shows an specimen of the subspecies Charaxes varanes vologeses which occurs in Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, and since the photo was taken in the Democratic Republic of Congo, apparently also occurs there.

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Photo credit: ©Nigel Voaden | Locality: Sakania, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo

The magical misty Midlands

Early morning mist over Greytown. Greytown was established in the 1850s and named after the governor of the Cape Colony Sir George Edward Grey who later became Premier of New Zealand.

Mbona Wildlife Estate situated in the Karkloof

Mbona Wildlife Estate

Mare’s tail falls in the Karkloof

The old Pumalanga farm 8 km from Howick with view over Albert Falls Dam

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