[MECHA] Ninja Combination Muteki Shogun.

Japanese: 忍者合体無敵将軍
Romaji: Ninja Gattai Muteki Shougun

Composed of: Red Saruder, White Kark, Blue Logan, Yellow Kumard, Black Gammer

From: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger - Episode 16


  • “Muteki Shogun” means “invincible general.”
  • The Power Rangers version of the White Kark (White Shogunzord) toy was painted pink. The Pink Shogunzord only appeared in the Power Rangers episode “The Sound of Dischordia” when the heroes summoned Shogun Ultrazord. This is because Saban used the toys to film the sequence.
  • The Kakuranger team acquired the Giant Beast Generals at the very beginning of the Kakuranger series. In Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, the Power Rangers obtained the Ninjazords before the Shogunzords.

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com


Mitchell McCoy is an openly gay reporter in Arkansas who got this horrifically homophobic email from a viewer:

“I watched KARK before you joined and it was a reputable broad cast [sic] until now. I have been holding back for months but I can’t stand your gayness.

You are on television every night and our children should not be watching people like you. You are a disgrace to Arkansas and I will be asking your boss to take you off.

Do not be offended but society is not ready for gay men reading news.“

McCoy tweeted a screenshot of the email – keeping the sender’s name and email address private – and the news director has already stated that he’s a valued member of the team and isn’t going anywhere. Sorry, troll. (via Mic)


[ATTACK] Fighter Crash.

Japanese: ファイタークラッシュ
Romaji: Faitaa Kurasshu

Mechas: Battle Saruder, Battle Kark, Battle Logan, Battle Kumard, Battle Gammer
Weapon required: None

From: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger - Episode 14

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com

He looked up with a fierce grin. A grin that spoke of empty air and cold wind, the torn surface of the ocean, the ragged edge of clouds. A grin that beckoned to the wild side of her, the side of dreamed of fire and battle and blood and vengeance.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight