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Anyway WIP, yes, this is a listen and read kind of thing :’D Oh man when I heard this while watching shrek the other night I couldn’t stop listening to it and like I had all these OTP stuff on my head LOL

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I’ll try to finish this as soon as I can. I’m going to have my OTPs have cameos too so yeah look out for that :’D

- T-Terezi?

- Yeah!! Karkat?????? Oh my god! Oh my god!
- W-what?

- You’re taller than I thought!
- Are you kidding me!?

Your name is Terezi Pyrope and you finally met your internet friend from 4 years ago and you can’t stop smiling.

-Hell no. Your laugh is more horrible in person!
-Hey! What a meanie meanie Karkles!
- We haven’t even been here 10 minutes and you’ve already called me names! Unbelievable!

Your name is Karkat Vantas. You just met your online friend and you have to ask yourself why you can’t stop smiling like a moron.

-…Nice to meet you, Karkat.
- N-nice to meet you, Terezi.

As she opens her arms you don’t know what to do exactly. She pouts and then hugs you tight.

“This boy is thin as hell”, you think. And he is wearing the cologne you sent him for his birthday. What a nerd. You are angry and amused and you don’t let him go until it gets awkward. Just to hear his rants in full stereo mode.

Karezi is a very stupid ship!

wow I mean look at this

Not cute at all.

Seriously! Ugh they didn’t have anything from the start

Nothing at all.

This absolutely didn’t mean anything. This was meaningless.

The time they fought over a keyboard?

Vriska and Sollux are terribly wrong! Karkat and Terezi were being disgusting and it wasn’t anything special!!! 

I’m not going to mention how Dave and John teased Terezi and Karkat about being in a relationship. Because a) I’m  lazy. b) Dave and John were too stupid and didn’t know anything!!! Nope. It was obvious they didn’t have anything so the stupid kids assumed wrong.

still nothing

So what if they died together in a timeline? 

Of course Hussie doesn’t want them to be canon!

And ooooh don’t let me get started on that stupid update flash minigame

where Karkat tried to comfort Terezi

Pfft that was absolute bullshit

Ew  look it’s Terezi being disgusting

All Karezi content is fucking gross

The shippers are terrible.

And especially the artists

For example,

Hottang is a terrible person for shipping Karezi therefore her art is absolute crap


Woooooooooooooooow this is obviously bad art!!!! Down with Karezi!!!

http://ruf1ohn1tram.tumblr.com/’s art is also so very bad!!!

wow shame on the artists who ship Karezi.

Xamag?  http://xamag-homestuck.tumblr.com/ Wow she’s practically satan

and it’s all because she ships Karezi.


So in conclusion,

Everything Karezi is considered a piece of bullshit.

Worst ship.

No one likes it.

The end.