Tumblr Crushes:

so today at practice this one kid who’s like thirteen or so kept saying ‘YOLO’ like every four seconds

and our coach, who’s foreign, responded by saying random colors, like 'blue,’ or 'pink.’

and it took me forever to realize that the coach thought the kid was saying 'yellow’ and that was why he was reciting the other colors and once i realized that i couldn’t stop laughing for like half an hour


So after we finished play rehearsal tonight, our teacher was giving us notes and stuff, and he goes to one of the seniors:  “Alexa, I know it’s not the show yet, but you cannot wear white leggings when you’re working backstage!”

And it got kind of quiet.

And she just said, “Mr. Krass, those are my legs.”

I really really wish you could have seen his face, we all died!


So my mom and I are driving home last night, right, when all of a sudden, she goes, “Did you take down your YouTube videos?"  (I did clean up my account a few days ago.)  AND IT TURNS OUT SHE HAS BEEN LISTENING TO ALL MY COVERS and when I tried to explain how weird it was, she was like, ‘You put this online for strangers to see, and when your mother watches it, it’s weird?'  YES, MOM, EXACTLY.

oh my god, guys

so my aunt gave me this jacket for christmas.  it’s tan and looks a LOT like Castiel’s trenchcoat (only it’s not a trenchcoat, but whatever)

and I got really excited, thinking this would be PERFECT for cosplay, and ran downstairs to ask my dad if he owned a solid blue necktie

and my mom, with no idea why I was asking, just sighed and said

“What kind of nerdy thing are you up to this time?”