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I took a sketch break from never ending finals just to doodle Werewolf!Jade dating adventures. comes in various flavors and all of them are amazing.


There was a colorstuck post but I don’t know where it went or who made it, and I can’t find the original post since they changed their tumblr name. So if you are the creator of these, please say so I may credit accordingly! I just didn’t want people to not see these like holy shit they’re amazing. o_o

Also the original posts when I reblogged these on my original izzydactyl blog were gone when I clicked on the original link. :c


Well, okay my new years resolution was to actually post my art instead of hoarding it like a weird dragon so. Here’s some homestuck doodles from 2016 that I never got around to posting!

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!! limes

get those sweet sweet paragraphs while they’re hot


Everything is soft. From their hair to their feet every last inch of Limes gave off nothing but the appearance of anything but that. Glowing. Literally from speckles of freckles across their face and arms, hands, back. Everywhere Karkat was glowing. And while before you noticed, but now it was almost overwhelming how bright Limekat was. How adorable their face seemed. From spending time learning how to be blind you noticed details you had missed before. The little nubs under his ears and how much they looked like little fins. How their hair looked like pillow stuffing, soft and fluffy. How their tail moved back and forth, over and over again, finding yourself transfixed more than once on the ball of fur at the end. Even things you’ve seen before seem that much more endearing. They looked perfectly soft. 


You didn’t think it was possible to find someone that you could literally sit and talk with in a way that was calm. Even the ebb and flow of the conversation had a type of sedation to your mind. Causing the emotions that would come up and drop low almost halt to a strange but comfortable flat line. And you knew that they felt what you did. It was something that they told you a while back. You understanding being only something minor. But you got enough. Knowing that you shared interests in politics and that getting into deep conversation always lead to being able to sit for hours listening to Peaches, PC, elaborate on the structures while you listened, and listened, lulling into a sense of safe relaxation. You didn’t get that sense often and you wonder if they understood what they did to you. Their personality meshed with yours. 


This point you only understand one thing. You feel something for them. Beyond any kind of devotion you had as a result of holing them on a pedestal was beginning to become something borne from real trust and real loyalty. Which you feel less often then you would really admit. You feel it for a few. Far….far….between. But this real feeling is starting to keep you up some days, plaguing your mind with thoughts and feelings that you would really just like to be resolved as soon as possible in the easiest way possible. However unfortunate these are you can’t and really unwilling to get rid of no matter how complicated they may be. Because while you have them, Limes is one of your best friends. And someone you know that you can count on. That you’d like to hold, snuggle and cuddle. Watch whatever they thought was good. Make food they would enjoy. You wanted to give them the calm they give you. 

~●●● About Rankstuck AU ●●●~


Title: Knight Of Blood

Ranking index: 0,45 (#16)

Blood skills: unknown.

(Left - casual outfit, right - formal).

Karkat is Kanaya’s knight.

He likes studying history of Vitaspes and how the two races came to live together. He’s travelled to the Humane Dominion a lot even before being affiliated with Alternian government and owns a second house there.

Karkat thinks fashion is stupid and generally dislikes being recognized when he’s not at work, that’s why his regular clothes are so plain - if it wasn’t for the Blood symbol, he could be easily mistaken for a civilian. (All of this makes him suitable for the role of a spy).

Since hemospectrum doesn’t play a part in determining one’s place in society, Karkat doesn’t have problems with his mutant blood (except for occasional laughs about being a troll-human hybrid). However, later he learns that his mutation allows his to overcome the mind control of Condesce and Hass Harley.

Since there isn’t many Blood Aspecters, sometimes he is asked to give lectures to young Blood Aspecters, despite not having his Aspect figured out (he doesn’t really care about it).

After being assigned a target to protect, he and Kanaya became friends right away. Due to accompanying Kanaya everywhere Karkat has many important connections, including being on good terms with Feferi and Eridan, the Empire’s heirs.

His other best friend is Terezi, a Police officer who was the first one he’s told his suspicions about mind control.

Other people whom he can call his friends are Rose, Kanaya’s girlfriend, John and Jade, the Dominion’s heirs (Karkat still thinks Jade would be a much better heir than John), and Dave, a fellow knight.

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AU where Karkat is a wizard and he lives in the woods, and one day he leaves and accidentally leaves out magic powder on the table open and when he comes back a he finds a little crow in the room, eating the shit. Karkat don't know what it does so Karkat watches it and later he falls asleep, then woke back up to find no crow but instead it's a blonde boy with a sheet over him and feathers everywhere. Karkat lets him stay and looks after him and promises him to turn him back but after (part 1)

(Part 2) a while as they get to know each other, the reversal thing is put off until the boy- who calls himself Dave- proposes. They get married and Dave’s crow family lives around Karkat’s house in the woods now.

thats gAY 

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I give you the ship either Davekat or Cronkri

(I’m gonna do both because I like both)


Who kills the bugs: Karkat (I can see Dave freaking out over a tiny bug and Karkat just killing it like, “what are you so afraid of?”)
Who hogs the sheets: Both
Who hates mornings: Both
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Karkat (he’ll just do a murder-glare at you until he’s had at least two cups)
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: I’d say Dave (partly because of Crabdad, or Signless, depending on the au)
Who drives: Dave (don’t let Karkat drive the car)
Who gets horny in awkward public places: Dave, and then Karkat (because Dave’ll start coming on to Karkat and, well…)
Who had a scene phase: Dave (we don’t talk about that)
Who wore braces: Neither
Who got bullied: Both (Dave because of his brother lurking everywhere, Karkat because of his nubby horns)
Who collects ceramic elephants: Dave (cuz you know, for ironic purposes)


Who kills the bugs: Cronus tries to, but he gets lectured by Kankri on bugs living free and some such
Who hogs the sheets: Cronus (fucking ass)
Who hates mornings: Kankri’s pretty good with mornings, Cronus likes them a little less, but still kind of neutral
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Kankri. (Kankri will stab you if you so much as look his way. Cronus tried flirting with him one morning while Kankri was making coffee. He walked into the hospital with a fork in his shoulder.)
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: Kankri, Cronus is kind of neutral
Who drives: They both do
Who gets horny in awkward public places: Cronus is just constantly in varying degrees of horniness
Who had a scene phase: Kankri did at one point. I think Porrim burned some of his outfits and then gave him his sweater.
Who wore braces: Little, dorky Cronus Ampora
Who got bullied: Little, wizarding Cronus Ampora. When Kankri found out, they had comfort cuddles.
Who collects ceramic elephants: Kankri does, Cronus doesn’t like them.

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Would Dave and Karkat ever move in together? What would that be like?

Of course. ;)

Karkat wakes up before Dave all of the time and makes coffee or breakfast, but some nights, when Karkat has trouble sleeping, Dave will set his alarm an hour before he knows Karkat will wake up so he can go get his favorite coffee and donuts.

They always argue about who’s turn it is to do the dishes or take the Mayor out. LOL.

Dave tries playing games online, but Karkat’s got the Ethernet cable unhooked from his Xbox and he gets so annoyed.

They binge watch EVERYTHING together.

Karkat spending hours on end on his computer, and Dave grumbling all day cause he’s so starved of attention, and when Karkat finally comes to bed, Dave is super happy and shows him a ton of videos on his phone until they fall asleep.

On Holidays, the debate whether they should spend all day in bed with junk food and marathon their favorite movies, or actually go out to do something with their friends.

Dave is SO MESSY and leaves his shit everywhere, and Karkat gets so annoyed cause he’s always tripping over dirty clothes and cords and other shit.

Dave almost ALWAYS lets the Mayor sleep on the bed, and Karkat hates it cause god damn that dog is so LOUD and gets hair on everything.

But Karkat also loves the Mayor cause he steals cans and socks and hides them under the bed.

I could keep going but I’m cooking chicken LOL

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Young Folks verse, johnkat, vacation, sex on the beach ;);)) (ahhh this just popped on my head, have to ask before i forget! And again congrats for the follow milestone :D)

“This isn’t going to work.”

You prop yourself onto an elbow. It seems to take enormous effort, every single one of your muscles gone slack and shivery. You end up flailing a little before you actually manage. “What do you mean, this isn’t going to work?” you demand, because seriously, you’re kinda ready to get fucked here. “Did you suddenly forget how to stick your dick in my ass? Do you need me to draw you a picture? Maybe a live demonstration? A government approved documentary?”

John’s already gently lowering your leg down from his shoulder, keeps it comfortably hooked over the swell of his thigh. His hands seem reluctant to release your hips. “It’ll be like sandpapering your colon, Karkat. There’s sand everywhere.

“Whose fucking fault is that, I wonder,” you growl and flop back, frustrated. Spoiler; it’s his. John tackled you earlier.

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