Warm. Everything felt way too warm. Karkat made a low noise as he shifted in bed, feeling skin pressing against his own. No wonder he was so warm, he was sleeping next to a living breathing heater. That didn’t explain while he was curled around it like a scale beast who would get too cold out of the sun. His eyes slowly opened and he groaned, there was light in the room, dim light. Fem had installed heavy curtains in most of the factory before he’d even gotten there, but they still let in enough light to let Karkat know when it was daylight out. This whole diurnal thing sort of sucked, but at least he had something to do with his time now. Thanks to Dave getting him this gig in the first place. 

His eyes snapped back open and he rolled away from the body in his bed to stare at the wall. Fuck. Dave. He’d fucked Dave. He and Strider had fucked. A hand pressed to his face as he thanked his brain for reminding him. That yes, he and the blonde had gone at it like teenagers who had never encountered bulges before. Well, Dave never had encountered a bulge. Or a nook. Oh God, Dave had pressed up in his nook. 

The heat was from an entirely different source now. The hand on his face began to scrub at his hair and claw at his face. Stop blushing fuck face. The troll mentally scolded himself. He should just get out of bed. Get some clothes and sneak out and then– No. Wait. He was in his own bedroom. He should shove Strider out of the bed. 

His hand rubbed at his head again, not like he was trying to fix his hair or anything before waking Dave up. Not at all. Shit his hair was soft today. So soft. Karkat found his hands still running through it as he felt something was missing. His horns. Oh fuck his nubby little horns. He panicked as he patted his head frantically. Throwing the blankets off he started to jump out of bed to run towards the bathroom. He stopped and looked down. That was very much a penis. That was definitely not grey skin, even in the dim light there was definitely some pink there. 

“Fuck, fuck, fu–” Karkat slapped a hand over his mouth and looked over at Strider, he’d woken him up and he was cursing. No. Wait. Karkat had been speaking. Why had he heard Dave then? “Nnnnggggnnnnn… ” The troll was barely able to keep from screaming like a prepubescent girl. “Strider! Get your fucking ass up!” He was pretty sure human vocal chords weren’t supposed to shriek like that, because it actually made his throat hurt.