who cooks normally?: they alternate, sometimes cooking together. the reason for that is because dave does not appreciate karkats alterninan delicacies and karkat gets sick of pizza after eating it for five nights in a row

how often do they fight?: all the time of course. normally its karkat who ends up the most angry so dave does corny romantic things to help him cool down (karkat claims its stupid but secretly after watching all of those romcoms he loves it)

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: normal things i guess. most of the time no matter what they’re doing or how busy they are they’ll manage to squeeze in at least a minute to pester each other

nicknames for each other?: dave loves coming up with stupid nicknames for karkat. karkat tries to come up with some for him just to make him mad, but it never works out

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: they switch it off, but most of the time its karkat trying to ‘act like a gentletroll' 

who steals the covers at night?: both of them are huge bedsheet thiefs so usually it will end up being a miniature strife to see who gets them (dave almost always wins but lets karkat snuggle up so that he’s almost on top of him when it gets really cold or when he’s feeling generous) 

what would they get each other for gifts?: dave would buy karkat tons of 'ironic’ sweaters and karkat would probably just buy dave a ton of apple juice (during really important times and holidays like their anniversary though its possible dave will write karkat a song or rap which the troll always ends up loving )

who remembers things?: i think that karkat would be more on top of remembering things (though dave might be also, he would probably just pretend to be ignorant to piss karkat off)

who cusses more?: they cuss about the same amount actually

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: if it was unintentional they might just freak out and get really over caring and protective of the other (though if someone caused it they’d have major hell to pay)

who kissed who first?: karkat kissed dave, ready to claim it as a prank if he didn’t feel the same way. lucky for karkat though, dave had been more than ready to jump on the matesprite bandwagon

who made the first move?: dave (he wanted to touch the butt)

who started the relationship?: karkat