Remember how when Vriska died she and John spent some time showing each other around their planets in dreambubbles? 

Ok, yeah, well imagine Dave and Karkat doing that. It would help them understand each other and go on some sort-of-dates that aren’t on the meteor. According to Vriska, it would be a really fun thing to do on a date. They go to sleep and meet each other in the bubbles. 

Dave can show Karkat around his old room, they can go up on the roof to his apartment and Dave can explain that sometimes this is where he would go to be alone and get away from Bro. He could show Karkat some earth things, maybe even take him to some places he remembers going to like a park or just around the neighborhood, they could watch the earth’s sunset together. 

Karkat can show Dave his hive, and show him how his lusus was, he can tell him all about Alternia and show him around, he can take Dave to all his favorite places even if he didn’t go out much, show him how to sleep in a recoopracoon even if Dave would totally object. He could show him firsthand how hard it was to grow up there, and they could just spend the rest of the time in Karkat’s room, or stargazing the beautiful Alternian sky.