Dave: hey babe just posted my latest mix check it out

Karkat, in person, to his face: oh good! thank you dave for this excellent news! if it’s anywhere near as revolting as your smug face right now it’s sure to go down in history as one of the most vile pieces of aural torture ever devised!!!

Karkat, with a botnet he had roxy put together for him for exactly this purpose: *rates everything five stars immediately, leaves thousands of reviews obviously written in a poorly disguised version of his usual online voice, promos it on hundreds of shell blogs, sends roxy furtive texts about how to get it trending on earth c social media as quickly as possible*

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what kinds of music does karkat listen to, and do they annoy dave when he plays them out loud? or does dave like karkat's music and dance with him when he plays it? or does karkat listen to them in headphones so dave can't find out what he listens to? 👀👀

All kinds! He doesn’t listen to just one genre, altho he has a bias towards top 40 songs. Dave loves listening to Karkat’s music, he likes to hear alternian versions of popular songs. 

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Do you think that once everyone got a chance to settle down and figure out what they're gonna do from there and come to terms and whatnot, Dave could eventually grow to be alright with Karkat having pale and/or ashen relationships (or something similar. Probably with less cuddly aspects)? Since they're not concupiscent quadrants. (And obviously the "purest" (for lack of a better word) version of the quadrants would all be with Dave)

I’m not sure how to answer this one tbh - my short answer is no, I don’t think so. 

My LONG answer is - one thing I’ve learned from my time in this fandom is that you can talk to ten different people about what pale/ashen relationships mean and what exactly a moirail is and literally get ten different answers. And I’ve kind of taken that and used it in my personal hc for the troll kingdom stuff in earth c - five thousand years later, without this brutally enforced rigidity stuffing everyone into the same four boxes over and over for the sake of streamlining social interaction so the species can focus on conquering the universe instead - everyone there has a different definition too. Humans with their queerplatonic partner calling each other moirails. Hybrids arguing and a third friend stepping in to smooth over the situation and everyone joking after about what a good auspistice they are. Little troll kids making their first best friends and exclaiming about how they have three moirails while their caregivers laugh behind their hands. Humans marrying trolls and some of the officiants say matesprit and some of them say husband or wife and some of them even say moisprit or kismerail or whatever and it’s messy and the lines are all blurred and trolls aren’t shamed if they prefer to be monogamous and humans aren’t shamed if they have 8 partners as long as everyone’s on the same page and Karkat HATES it at first because it’s so disorderly and goes against everything he learned and he’s been conditioned to see and do things a certain way… but years later he falls in love with it, everyone defining their own relationships with words he knew once and words he didn’t, too. 

And in that world with that context I don’t think Karkat feels the need to call his friends moirails, especially because I think Karkat expounded at length to Dave about how all quadrant relationships are explicitly ROMANTIC, they just don’t all involve procreation. They are each other’s only explicitly romantic partner and sometimes Karkat probably thinks about it, about how in another life he might have had jade as an auspistice and jake as a kismesis and kanaya as a moirail and john as SOMETHING and whatever the fuck, but he realizes he never really feels bereft and those thoughts feel more and more strange over time because he just feels right with Dave in a way that he never knew was possible and never WOULD have been possible in Alternia. 

And over time, the empire’s little boxes stop having so much meaning for him because he’s experienced what actual romance is like through his own relationship and hanging out with his friends and it’s changed his perspective from the textbook theoretical nonsense he prided himself on being so learned at before to understanding that reality is messy and no matter how much Alternian trolls pretended to fit perfectly in their boxes it was a flawed system at its core and not conducive to real lasting relationships and connections. It was a tool of efficacy for the empire and people can feel and do and negotiate their relationships however they like, and even use those old labels if they want, but it was never that simple and there’s just as much beauty in the mess as there was in the organized ideal of a perfectly balanced quadrangle. 

Also as Karkat slowly came around to this Dave would be so increasingly smug. Just the absolute smuggest

Johnkat Video

So my roommate and I are both really big Homestuck fans. I run a YouTube channel that was used mostly for Homestuck cosplay videos and I haven’t made one in a looooong time. She’s agreed to join me and do a JohnKat video. Please comment or message me any questions for John, Karkat, or both of the characters. Thanks :3