so i made a post about the kids as adults after the games and you guys like it, so i thought id share my sketches

here are the 3 other kids after anshu. alka is the rosemary kid and she loves animals and refuses to eat meat (at kanayas astonishment). jody is john and roxys child (theyre married) and jamie is john and terezis (theyre dating also). ill post more on them on a separate post.

here in order, from top to bottom, you have: mayor reading serious mayor things, jade talking ectobiology (she and roxy are working on creating a shit ton of babies whose DNA will be generated randomly via ectobiology), jake being an explorer and making maps of the new earth, john being a stay at home dad, roxy looking perfect as fucking usual, and terezi going “H3Y ROXY 1M BORROW1NG YOUR HUSB4ND 1F YOU KNOW WH4T 1 MEAN. YOU C4NT T3LL B3C4US3 OF MY GL4SS3S, BUT 1M W1NK1NG.”

dirk being a cool uncle to anshu and alka. anshu calls him grandpa just to fuck with him

more parentstuck bullshit to come.