karkat thinks sollux is hot

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I absolutely love your SUstuck au (and i'd love to see more john and karkat interaction because I am trash sorry)

thank you! I will make a separate post just for the John and Karkat interactions hehe

Anon:what are the gemini twins’ names? the ones who fuse into sollux?

Sodalite and Cornelian, in that post I linked to there are all the names c:

Anon:shit i think i got the hots for sustuck sollux and karkat please send help-

(I’ll send you a fan!)

Anon:Adventurine would work for Aradia

I thought it was green but apparently it’s red too, so maybe? but I thought I’d point out it’s not really related to adventure! (since somebody suggested it for Jake too) it’s also spelled as “aventurine” without a d and it’s related to opportunities and other stuff!

Anon:i’m making an aradia that goes with your au! is bloodstone a good gem for her?

personally I wouldn’t pick that one bc it’s associated with other meanings that don’t suit her a lot imo ;v; you can do a bit of research on google! anyway it’s up to youu

anyway I’m not the only one with su aus! and I don’t actually have Aradia in my au so far so it doesn’t have to be for my au in particular sdkjs