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I took a sketch break from never ending finals just to doodle Werewolf!Jade dating adventures. comes in various flavors and all of them are amazing.

So I know I’m like a week late to this but better late than never. 

I’ve seen a heck of a lot of people post their contribution to the HS fandom now that it’s over and I figured I might as well do the same.

I’m a pretty decent fanfic writer and I’ve written a lot of fics, so here’s the fic list! It’s going to be broken up into categories by ships/other with a very small summary. (I made most of these before the last homestuck updates so the info in some of them may be wrong because of the latest updates.)


  • Karkat’s Lessons- Karkat learns about what’s he’s destined to do in life with the help of Kankri and a lecture that lasts forever.
  • Karkat’s Journey- (Part Two of Karkat’s Lessons) Karkat sets out into the new universe with hopes of becoming a leader to the new race of trolls but history ends up repeating itself once they find out that Her Imperious Condescension has already taken over Earth.
  •  The Kids Are Alright- The Game’s finally over and Dave’s just happy he can stop worrying about dying and destruction and just relax with his alien boyfriend.
  • A Sprite, A Ghost, A Dream Bubble- Neither Davesprite nor this dead Karkat are the “original” versions of themselves and that sucks, but at least they have each other.
  • Picture Perfect- Dave just wants Karkat to see himself the way Dave sees him.


  • Migraines and Sore Throats- Sollux was just some troll that created a better chatting application to use for himself and his friends, he didn’t realize that’d he make such a huge connection with someone who typed in weird grey text.


  • The Only Hope For Me Is You- Gamzee’s let out of the fridge and it seems like Karkat’s the only one willing to help the poor clown change.
  • Best Friends?- The story of Gamzee and Karkat and how their friendship grew through the years.


  • ScreenEridan and Sollux weren’t perfect matesprits. Hell they weren’t perfect kismesis’. But they were happy and that’s all that mattered to them.



  • His PrinceKarkat Vantas never really expected to become anyone’s matesprit, especially not Equius’s.


  • Turtlenecks- Karkat and Kankri were the exact opposite, yet they were perfect for each other.


  • LovelyJohn stays on the meteor instead of Dave, and it is boring. Everyone except the one person he wants to talk to talks to him. He just needs some way to get the nubby-horned troll he desires to talk to him, and when he does get that he wonders if maybe he wants more than to just talk to Karkat.
  • Love Actually- Was there ever really a point in time where Karkat denied his feelings about John? No. Was there ever a point in time where Karkat realized his feelings about John were something different than what he first thought? Oh yeah. Definitely.




  • High School Football HeroNepeta just wanted to play football and not even the school’s fucked up sports system will stop her and her girlfriend from achieving her goal.


  • Night Of The Living GamzeeGamzee Makara finally snaps, hunting and killing every single troll or human inhabiting the meteor
  • The Loneliest Corner of the Meteor- Karkat’s lonely. He was lonely ever since Kanaya and Rose hooked up. Since Dave and Terezi hooked up. Since the death of a vast majority of his friends. Since Gamzee broke off the already fragile pale relationship with him. What’s a troll to do when no one on this small meteor will even give him the time of day?
  • Ground Control to Mituna Captor- We all know that Mituna suffered severe thinkpan damage from protecting his friends from some sort of monster, but how exactly did it happen?

Thanks for reading! Remember to comment and tell me how my writing is! Happy late 4/13!!

You wish he would wake up. You could really use someone with awesome powers right now, being awake and not useless.

Let’s do a quick roll call:

Aradia is busy holding down Jack.
Sollux is out of commission.
Feferi is dead.
Tavros is dead.
Kanaya is dead.
Karkat is on his feet.
Terezi has possibly been taken by Gamzee, but either way Karkat can’t contact her.
Equius should be fine.
Nepeta should be fine.
Vriska is one of the murderers.
Gamzee hasn’t killed anyone yet, but he’s in that catagory.
Eridan is one of the murderers.

So Karkat is down to just two people he can call for help: Equius and Nepeta.

I suppose if Karkat is truly desperate, he could ask Vriska to go after the other two killers. Knowing her, she won’t be happy that somebody has been killing her teammates before she’s had a chance to do it herself.


this is hands down the gayest thing ive ever drawn

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Anon Asked: Werewolf Gamzee?

I took some mental liberty and AU where Gamzee and Equius are friends so this somehow happens. Poor Karkat.

I took the makeup and turned it into vitiligo

If you notice, the robot is stockier, because canines have stockier legs than equines. This is what gives them the endurance to combat the speed of their prey.

Hope you liked! I will cook up an aesthetic next ;)

~ Mod Clover

OOOOOOOK DUDES LISTEN UP!!! Me and my girlfriend got up with a total absurd idea but i hope it will work well, we just decided to randomly create a 1930!stuck because we both love the sound of those times.
So we have this real rich Eridan who doesn’t enjoy criminal life that much (Dualscar is a gangster because C'MON LOOKS LIKE HE’S FROM A FILM LIKE THE GODFATHER ????) so he tries a singer career and starts to sing in locals and restaurants at night.
Then we have our favourite pissblood, doing three works, sleeping more or less 20 minuter a day and trying to manage his shitty poor life all together without killing anyone, now he has to deal with a rich baby boy who tries to flirt with him while singing, when Sol has to think about martinis and other cocktails without spitting in the shaker for frustration.
But maybe our charming seadweller will win his heart with a particular song? Who knows~

pendaly  asked:

I've gotten my sister to watch the show on the condition that I watch iZombie with her so I've got that going for me at least XD. I appreciated ur freight-train metaphor immensely. It felt pretty accurate. Also knowing ur a filthy homestuck like me may I politely suggest you think about the idea of burner!Karkat and Kane Co. Employee Kankri? Because this brings me great pain and joy. Also Meenah as The Duke of Detroit. I mean the fish lady has a gold statue of herself?? Idk I have many thoughts.

YAAAAAASSSS  Meenah would make a fantastic Duke!  Have Feferi be Kaia (the extremist “well-intentioned” ecological terrorist, wa-hey) and you can make the three main villains a Pexies triad! >:D

Kankri would be such a Deluxian tho lbr Deluxe and Motorcity are a lot like Beforus and Alternia.  

Presenting also as counterpoint: a mutant limeblood, a psionic who dresses up like he thinks he’s a seadweller, and an actual seadweller who thinks you’re all trash.