karkat dead


this is hands down the gayest thing ive ever drawn

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I took a sketch break from never ending finals just to doodle Werewolf!Jade dating adventures. comes in various flavors and all of them are amazing.

Anyways why does Jadekat still receive hate??? The tag is dead as long as I’m aware. If you still hate on jadekat you either have some real hatred in your tiny heart or you’re just going on the jadekat tag, seeing all the old art and thing “I hate this ship so much” as a tear goes down your eye, and you keep scrolling in hopes of finding something new


don’t worry i do stuff like that all the time. One time after the teacher told us that we could work in groups, I said to my two friends ‘hey we could be a threesome’ instead of ‘we could be a trio’ and it haunts me to this day.