Ancient Finnish tribes and their stereotypes (which still kinda apply)

- lively 
- but also sulky and blunt
- cocky
- short and choppy speech

- slow and considerate
- reliable
- tough and relentless
- proper Finnish archetype 

- talkative
- folksy and jovial 
- twisted
- also twist words in a way no one else can understand

- lively and joyful 
- blue-eyed (literally and as in being gullible)
- musical 
- traders

- vigorous and brave
- strict and self-disciplined
- stab people
- good at farming and crafts

- good self-esteem
- drunk 
- swear a lot 
- reindeer herders 
*Lappalainen is a term that has been used to refer to Sami people. Nowadays it is seen as an offensive term and the use of it is not recommended. If you want to talk about a person who is from Lapland - note that Lapland is a lot bigger than in this historical tribe-related map - use the word “lappilainen”. but also remember that lappilainen =/= a Sami person.

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  • Elokuvissa
  • Ihminen kuolee:.... huoh .... miks toi ny meni kuolee, se oli iha kiva.... huokauus
  • Koira kuolee:EI, EI ÄLÄ KUOLE!!! EI JUMALAUTA NYT EIII DBDJDBD JDDBJD ! ! ! ! ! )::::: YYYH * kaikki itkee* EI, MIKS KOIRIEN PITÄÄ KUOLLA!!! ! ! ! !