Tonight I went to see the play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf in an amazing house that was built in the 60’s on top of an old fort. We had to park near the foreshore and get a bus to this amazing house, everything about it was just surreal and being in the room while the play happened around you was so cool. Our discussion on the way home was about the amount of people playing Pokemon Go near where we parked the car. What is the world coming to?
Comment of the night:
My dad: so back to the play, was the child a Pokemon?

Karissa nació sin una mano, pero sus amigos tuvieron una idea: hacerle una prótesis basada en Frozen

Karissa Mitchell tiene nueve años y nació sin la mano derecha. Ahora, gracias a los estudiantes de la Universidad de Siena en Estados Unidos y a una ONG llamada e-NABLE ha conseguido una prótesis basada en la película Frozen realizada con impresora 3D. Sus padres contactaron con la Universidad después de ver la prótesis de Iron Man que hicieron a un niño el año pasado.

Sorry this is so insanely long...

Hey, look below, it’s the first SS post all about me! :P I don’t have an account here but did want to respond since I’ve clearly upset someone without intending to do so. Sorry in advance for the giant wall of text invading your computer screen right now, but I thought this deserved an open and detailed response.

For the record I actually work pretty hard to not copy other CWs as do my artists, and I wanted to provide the background for each of the three CWs you mention in your post to provide a clearer picture. I hope that doing so helps. The canned cola ruffles as Sonatine mentioned were drawn based on an offsite ref (link provided in her reply to your OP) that I came across on Pinterest. There were no onsite refs used at all, and there was only one style of full side skirt onsite that I can recall at that time that had been released by Karissa and is significantly different from my own. My intent was not to copy anyone with this CW (it was actually done before Lumi with a very specific friend in mind who I knew likes stuff that shows off the legs/feet), and no CWs were ever submitted as references for the skirt either.

As for the shredding on the skull kitty threads I just released (based on this ref: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/71/b1/ac/71b1aca737bfc77c3aa0b65959571a11.jpg), I actually asked for the same waistline shredding to be done on the cola ruffles discussed above back before Lumi. This was before those shorts came out, but at the time my artist had some difficulty creating the effect so we passed on it back during the holidays and made the cola ruffles with a normal waistline. So yes, we had a similar idea (me and the artist you purchased the shorts from). I happened to have the idea before those shorts came out though, and I wasn’t willing to just forgo using the effect when it’s the one I wanted on a longer skirt simply because someone else ended up putting it out on a pair of shorts. Frankly, there are shredded CWs all over onsite now to help with layering effects. I actually recommended the effect to a friend before those shorts were ever released too (and she used it on a jacket that was released well before your shorts came out too, so you weren’t even the first to use it if we’re being fair). I’m sorry if you felt I was copying you. That was never my intent, but I also don’t think it’s fair to treat the matter as if you have some kind of copyright on the shredding effect (and again I kinda had the waistline specific shredding idea long before your shorts were ever put on the market, I discussed it with my artist at length last year when we were trying to do it with the cola ruffles, and I made the suggestion to my friend to do the shredding on the jacket that was released before your shorts).

As for the hair, it was based on this ref: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/bb/1e/e0/bb1ee08b55eb899d4b8ce2c5f0d76a47.jpg. I hadn’t actually seen the pouf’s overlay until almost a week after I sent in the commission request and was trying to find a wig with the right forehead placement as an added ref (forehead placement on wigs with no bangs tends to bug me if it’s too high). Instead of going through the head layer in the wardrobe that is so gigantic it would take me ages, I chose to look at some wishlists of users who I know have similar taste to me. I located the pouf on tania’s wishlist if I recall correctly, and I was up front with my artist about it as soon as I found it (and actually added it to my own wishlist shortly thereafter because I don’t really think the wigs are similar at all to be honest). Yes, I did use it as a ref for hairline placement on the forehead and knew after the fact that the pouf was closely aligned with the commission I had already requested before coming across it; however, in addition to me being up front as soon as I found it Cathii also put a lot of effort into differentiating things on the wig to ensure it’s very different from the pouf while being closely aligned to my original ref. Those changes include 1) minimizing the poof on top of the head, 2) adding lots of visible hair to one side of the head, 3) making the hair wavy instead of straight, 4) not using a ponytail, and 5) using the braids from my ref and not the shaved area that’s on the poof. We did everything we could to differentiate it (including having someone else look at it before it was submitted to give another opinion), and I’m not going to forgo an active commission request I’d already put in with an artist who was working on it simply because there are so many wigs already onsite (and I’m sorry, but I can’t know all of them and didn’t know about this specific one until after requesting the CW based on my own ref).

I hope that this helps to shed some light on the behind the scenes work on each of these three CWs and how they came to be. Please know that you can always reach out to me by smail or public comments on Subeta to discuss any concern you may have with my CWs. I’m nice and an open person, and I don’t want my CWs to be causing someone else frustration. I’m always happy to chat something out if you’d like, either now or in the future.

Tagging Game

So @animika123 tagged me, so here I go.

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Name: Here i’m known as krazycat6167. irl i’m karissa

Nickname: I don’t have any. Well, except for Katie-Kat but only one person calls me that.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 5'10"

Age: 18

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hobbies: drawing, painting, reading, tumbling through tumblr, hanging out with my younger sisters, singing, stalking my friend groups skype chat and rarely joining in the conversations…maybe some other stuff I can’t think of right now.

Favorite Color: Depends on my mood. right now i’m feeling like a soft green or a sunset orange

Time Right Now: 7:50 pm

Lucky Number: 7 and 13

Last thing I googled: "Song with dum dum dum dum de doody dum dum dum dum dum as lyrics" 

Favorite Fictional Character: I have to choose one?! Why?! Uh…I’ll go with Wander from Wander over yonder. I like him.

Blankets I sleep with: A quilt my grandma made and regular sheets

Favorite Bands/Artists: I don’t have a favorite. It’s hard for me to even remember names of the ones i kind of like. First one to come to mind would be Lindsey Sterling.

Dream Trip: Cross country road trip across all fifty states with my family. That would be so cool.

Job: I’m a workstudy at the community college library

When did you make this blog: Sometime last year before the gravity falls episode D,D and more D came out.

Follower Count: 70

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When did your blog reach it’s peak: After the Gravity Falls Finale i made this post. It is still my most noted thing.

Why did you get a tumblr: So I could be more involved in my fandoms

Do you get asked on a daily basis: no

Why did you choose your URL: I was on ff a few years ago and i used it as my guest name. Then i got paranoid that someone else would use it and the author wouldn’t know it wasn’t me. I got a ff account so they’d know for sure. I’ve been using it ever since because i don’t want to make the effort of remembering multiple usernames for different sites.

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