Ballsy:   So, more pics come out of Ben’s photoshoot he did probably around the time of SDCC/Re-Shoots. 

I don’t remember seeing very many appear on my daily twitter search.  So, I just did a specific twitter search.   I did variations on the search to try to cover any tweets.  I found 12 tweets.  I guess they weren’t worthy of spamming?

I saw that Karin-W posted it on her tumblr blog.  123 notes.  Okay, that’s a tad too low.  Especially since we’ve been waiting a long time for him to do a decent photoshoot.

Randomly checks posts in PPQs archive of other photoshoots that came out 2 years ago in Oct 14 just before the GAG, and when TIG Promo had been going for a month or so.

GQ 8195 notes.  Flaunt 5139 notes. Elle 5835 notes.  Elle gifs 19218 notes.  Out 5583 notes.  Hell even the Flaunt party pics where PissyBatch made one of his earliest appearances has 1875 notes.   If I hover over ANY of the photoshoot posts from that time - notes in the thousands.  All of them.

Ummmmmm …  

Checks more Nannie blogs: 

Cumberbuddy / Cumberfool - both posted.  Top scores are:  DT Mag got 580 notes.  534 for the extra pic from Arena.  1060 for the Arena Mag cover.  Better.  But still!   

He’s got a looong way to go to get back to where he was in 2014. 

                                            HIKARU & KARIN

I’ve always wanted to draw my muse Hikaru along with the rest of her fellow Uzumaki as a big family, but I am very lazy when it comes to draw big groups. So, until that moment comes, I am happy with drawing Hikki with each member of the Uzumaki Clan, and dear Karin makes the honors to be the first. 

I assume that Hikaru, being as chipper and emotional as she is, would actively try to come closer to Karin and handle her with care, like an older sister would do with a younger one. But Karin, having a changing personality might not at first be comfortable with the sudden affection from a stranger, but perhaps over time, she will feel soothed by the warm aura Hikaru irradiates and eventually come to accept her as family. Besides, they’re both a bit crazy LoL

Dedicated to my mutuals and Karin blogs: sordidsenses and bitebxck

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Just woke up and couldn't get this damn pairing out of my head. So random question of the day/night: what do you think about Karin/Fuu? (Ha, now I will hopefully able to sleep!)

…This is totally giving me ideas for reverse. Oops?

[5:00:11 PM] karin.: Karin voice:  I hate tayuya but she could get it
[5:00:46 PM] mister deer™: shikamaru is like ‘i withhold my opinion on that’
[5:01:13 PM] karin.: Winks @ shika
[5:01:36 PM] mister deer™: 'nope, no opinion. nothin’.’
[5:01:49 PM] karin.: bullshit
[5:01:59 PM] mister deer™: 'not a thing’
[5:02:06 PM] karin.: liar
[5:02:17 PM] mister deer™: 'i don’t lie’
[5:02:30 PM] karin.: you just avoid truths
[5:02:40 PM] mister deer™: lmao
[5:02:53 PM] mister deer™: i was legit gonna add 'i strategically avoid the truth’
[5:02:58 PM] karin.: Lmfao

i just… my boy, someone help this man. /// @sordidsenses + @flutedeath

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Niggaaaa, are you fucking blind!!! Hinata is hot asf, talk shit abt Sakura she's a hoe and a trannny that hoe can't bare a child, Sarada came out of Karin's std pussy!! Notice how all the females look like women Sakura looks like a damn man, she flat asf, she had that boob enhanced that Tsunade taught her! She don't have pussy Sarada is Karin's child nigga. Hinata ain't a hoe like Sakura or manipulates anyone like Sakura does. SK and NH make sense, not SS <-- hate those fuckers not HINATA!!!

Whatever anon. I don’t care about your opinion.

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It looks like the girls in Oro's life tend to be a bit more variable in hair color (Karin and Anko come to mind).

This is true.

(Ah, I suppose Suigetsu needs to be added to the list as well, and Kimimaro. Hm, there’s definitely a pattern.)

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Karin/Fuu anon here! YESSSSS!!!! Whatever your ideas are, act on them! Theyre good ideas, trust me! (Would it enable you more, if I would draw this pairing? Cause I really, really want to and enabling is the best reason to do anything)

Oh god. Yes, it definitely would enable me, and…Fuu/Karin actually works really well for what I have planned. Okay. That’s decided. ^^


***Edit: I went ahead and added the cleaned-up versions; I hope no one minds. I just didn’t want anyone to have to dig up a new post just to hit “like” again. I really can’t believe this has so many notes! Thanks guys! >////< ***

Originals are under the cut!

These are suuuuuuuuper super sucky. I may clean them up later or something… I just had to get them out.

Yay to tonight’s episode for destroying me slowly. Like, I didn’t have a huge emotional reaction to it on first viewing, but it planted seeds in my brain that just keep growing. I thought of all the other fusions and when they’d fall apart, versus when they seemed really focused/harmonious. I’m sure they all have different things they need to work on.

Meanwhile Garnet is Best Fusion Teacher. And that song will probably become my new way of dealing with panic attacks.