A small corner to wash the baby. by Karin Carter

“Steve splayed out a roll of paper atop the hood of one of the trucks, the men crowding around and bumping together for a clear view; an aerial surveillance map, helpfully providing a diagram of the full expanse of an old stone fortress. Bucky scanned the image, alerting himself to the position of the hastily built guard tower sitting inside the inner courtyard with a clear view of all surrounding angles. The sniper’s nest.”

Second of ten drawings for the amazing Meet Me On The Darkest Night by Cryofreeze

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Okay so i was re-reading dos (more specifically the chunin exam) and realized how oddly precise the death of one grass genin was ("girl", "red hair", "mauled by a wild animal" ??) it just screams Karin. I just wanted to know if you were going to introduce Juugo or even Suigetsu, since they will still be working for Orochimaru. Also Shikako did picked up one of Minato's "special kunai", she is specialized in seals, is she going to follow Jiraya/Minato's path ? (sorry for broken English)

Yeah, that was Karin. In one of her ‘how I met Sasuke’ flashbacks, it was shown that he saved her from a bear during the Chunin Exams and that was why she liked him. In DOS the team never split up to scout in the same way, so he wasn’t there to save her. It was one of those little butterflies I was interested in introducing. 

Juugo and Suigetsu may show up in the future. I don’t have specific plans for them. Shikako isn’t going to learn Hiraishin exactly (there have been many fics that have done that and well) but she is studying it for greater understanding of seals.

-Silver Queen

“Bucky finally withdrew his shoulder from pressing a comforting weight against Steve’s, rubbing his hands together against the dampness in the air. It wasn’t necessarily cold, but Bucky didn’t have 200lbs of muscle to insulate him from the weather, Steve reminded himself. He slipped the thick fabric of the coat Bucky had supplied him with off of his shoulders, instead wrapping it over his friend’s frame and earning a little huff of self-deprecating laughter for his efforts.“

My first of ten drawings for Meet Me On The Darkest Night, by the amazing Cryofreeze


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