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The calenders in where I participated (thanks to the lovely Schlogger <3) are here!

If you are looking for a awesome rad calender from 63 talented artists, or for a perfect christmas present? this is the thing you need to buy :)


This is a weekly calender in the size of DinA5.




Hi Meatpopsicle!

Our Kickstarter is running pretty good but we still need abut 8.5k! And we hope we can raise that much. In hope to get new backers we opened up some commissions rewards with artists like: Babs Tarr, Erika Wagner, Ricardo Bessa, Karina Rehrbehn, Paul Reinwand and Chelsea Kenna.Thank you all for the support so far! You were awsome!!!

We also would like to introduce one of our NEW artists:

Kelly Bastow (moosekleenex). HELLO!

OUR CONTEST! (only valid if we get funded so help us reach our goal :D)

We still have 2 pages for 2 artists so if you are interested please post a sketch of you illustration on tumblr with the tag: fifthelementsubmission


Spread the word :D


for the light grey art lab rolemodel show! That’s how I imagine myself as a nasty looking psyco but still nice to look at Cleric! Still trying to figure out what pose i will choose …I think I will go for sagging bosom hahaha.. And can clerics have like bat/dragon like wings if they are an raptoran cleric?! HELP!! I only know of butterlfies and feather wings….

And YES that is a frog staff! I LOVE FROGS!!!!!!!!

I’m soooo excited!