Meet the Ajagara-Griffith (Half) Siblings!

Raman Ajagara, is the 20 year old son of Iris Ajagara and Cilan Griffith. He was born while the two were dating in the early years of their relationship. Though, after some time, Cilan wanted to propose to Iris, to complete what he had thought they were missing. Iris had to turn him down, while a relationship worked for them (with her being able to leave for two months training and come back) being married and tied down was not something Iris could ever see herself doing. she knew she couldn’t provide Cilan with the marital life he truly wanted, so they called it off shortly after. They still remain big parts of each others lives and love each other dearly. Raman would often bounce between them in visits, but primarily stayed with his mother at the Opelucid gym. He gets along well with Cilan, as Cilan had no issues with how strong-willed and adventurous he was, though, Raman never truly cared for the ‘proper gentleman’ lessons Cilan would often lecture him with. He did, in fact, take quite the liking to dragon type Pokemon like his mother, but by no means wanted to become a master. He spends his days now out in the wild. He is a Pokemon Ranger in training and spends days researching Pokemon to better help them when they’re in need.

After a couple years, Cilan moved on. Burgundy and him spent a considerable amount of time together at the academy and eventually got hitched. Not even a year later, Genevieve (Gene, she prefers) was born. She wants to be a connoiseusse like her parents and currently goes to the academy. She works part time at a cafe waiting tables, something she is good at but she can also get a little heated with the customers. She has an attitude, like her mother and can be a bit of a snob, but she has a kind heart when you shed the barrier she constantly has up.

The two of them get along to an extent. They don’t get to see each other too often now that they are older (16 and 20) but they enjoy the company when they get the chance. Gene can often find that Raman is not ‘refined’ as he should be as a grown man, while Raman thinks she has a stick up her ass and needs to loosen up. Gene actually tries to set up Raman on dates when he’s in town, thinking a woman might actually do him good. He always goes on the dates in courtesy for his sister, but never really commits to anyone.