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Hey Tera... *Pokes.* Can I annoy you? *Giggles.* XD You should be able to guess who this is. Here's a hint, YURI FOR THE YURI GOD!

You can if you want Kary :)

P.S. Get a Tumblr!

Maine jab bhi dua manghi sir app ke saath ki dua mangi hai. Aur mujhe yakeen hai ke mera khuda meri dua kabul karien gein.

-Whenever I supplicated I always asked for you and I have full trust in my lord he will respond. 

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You as Eirin and I as Kaguya, cuz easiest outfit evur. I'm just THAT lazy. Plus, Eirin! Eirin! Tasukete Eirin!

I am not surprised you’d suggest Touhou characters XD

Also cute song.