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favorite healthy/fit blogs that you follow?

Puffin-to-lose-the-muffin she lost almost 100 pounds, had skin removal surgery like myself, she is dedicated and gorgeous and runs a great blog

Mybodyismydiary Brea is my roommate and BFF. She had gastric bypass could years ago and shares her incredible journey on her blog. She is also vegan and a crossfit junkie

Karicanrun my cousin and BFF! She is an amazing runner and offers tons if advice of running and shoes! She’s worked hard for her body and she’s a great source! Also a good cook and she’s got a bun in the oven ❤️

Organicallygorgeous flawless positive amazing and perfect. Her blog is a place for positivity and support and all about health mind= healthy body. I love her!

Sharoosparents this is my mum lol she’s amazing. 57 years old.mother of 3. And she has a set of abs 20 year olds dream of. She’s also the best mum ever and always there if you want someone to send a message too.

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Can you please share with me the appropriate way to breathe when running? I've heard a whole lot of different ways on the internet...

Through your nose (it’s hard because you want to open your mouth) but you get more oxygen through you nose) try and find a rhythm that works with your pace. You don’t want to be panting or gasping. Steady breathing, focusing on filling the bottom of your stomach with air and not focusing on your chest. This will help you keep your breaths deep and not shallow.
My cousin @karicanrun is a marathon runner, she has great advice so check her blog out too!

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Before you started your fitness journey, did you eat meat? How difficult was it to transition to being vegan? Are there any foods/drinks you miss?

I was a junk food eater 24/7. I went vegetarian on a dare with my cousin Kari (karicanrun) and we kept that up for like 3ish months. And then I decided that I felt good not eating meat so I kept with it.
But I lived on bread, cheese, crackers, cheese pizza, fries, fish sticks, bean burritos, cheese it’s, gold fish crackers, candy, ice cream….basically the only thing I didn’t eat was meat. Lol
I was NOT healthy. That was my senior year of highschool. And then I decided I was ready to really get healthy. I knew vegetarian was not working for me but I didn’t want to go back to eating meat.
I found the book “Skinny Bitch” which is a crass and witty guide to going/being vegan for health and weightloss. And I loved it! I decided to make the switch that night. I read the book in a couple hours and walked down stairs and announced to my parents I was now vegan. And then I grabbed my car keys and went one first grocery run as a vegan lol.

I don’t miss anything but it’s fun to walk around the grocery store with either Dre or Brea and we all reminisce on what we use to eat lol we don’t WANT to eat it, it’s just funny to think about how we use to eat.
I don’t miss anything though. I enjoy the foods that got me where I am right now. The old foods I ate didn’t help me at all, they don’t deserve to be missed.