I finally fully finished my illustration of Sound Horizon’s 5th album “Roman.”

I retouched parts of Hortense’s side of the illustration that I drew last year, and I finally finished drawing and painting Violette’s side. As I mentioned before, I borrowed several likenesses from the album’s artwork to depict most of the characters.

This will debut as a print at this upcoming Anime Expo!

“Augh! This is the sixth carp! .. I swear moogles- if you’re jinxing me, then feel free to confess right now…” K'dyalani grumbled as she raised her fishing rod, revealing yet another dangling carp…

The moogles that accompanied her aren’t worried… yet. However, they collectively knew what this miqo'te kitten was capable of…

This was commissioned by @nyamomask. Thank you!!

This artwork features a young K'dyalani and her moogle friends. K’dyalani has been trying to catch certain fish with her homemade fishing rod, but unfortunately, she caught yet another carp…

This was commissioned by Caleb. Thank you! This commission features Sia, one of four intergalactic explorers responsible for restoring order to the planets in their sector. Originally on the side of the Watcher, she eventually moved towards a middle ground, a balance of being a Watcher and Seeker. She later learned how to manifest ice in the air.

I quickly drew this over two years ago (May 2015) for a pink magical girl themed artbook compilation called “Pink Parade,” but the artbook never materialized due to various circumstances. I figured that it’s probably okay to share this now, although my art style has developed more quite a bit since I’ve made this. If I recall, I had submitted this into a selection contest and I’ve won a place at the time, haha.


I finished Cornelius and Ingway in time~ I included Oswald here to complete the photoset, haha.

With the last two finished, I’m finally done with my Odin Sphere set!

The first half of the set featuring Gwendolyn, Mercedes, and Velvet could be viewed here.

All of them will be available to purchase as prints at Anime Expo! My table is at A98.

Finally finished!! I may revise if I get notified or I find that I overlooked a glaring mistake somewhere. I might draw an extension if I find that this would be relatively popular in poster form.

Anyway, this is Mercedes (with frog Ingway as a cameo) from Odin Sphere.

It would be great if I can play the game eventually, haha. In any case, I’m considering drawing other Odin Sphere characters in this style~~