Finally finished!! I may revise if I get notified or I find that I overlooked a glaring mistake somewhere. I might draw an extension if I find that this would be relatively popular in poster form.

Anyway, this is Mercedes (with frog Ingway as a cameo) from Odin Sphere.

It would be great if I can play the game eventually, haha. In any case, I’m considering drawing other Odin Sphere characters in this style~~


I finished Cornelius and Ingway in time~ I included Oswald here to complete the photoset, haha.

With the last two finished, I’m finally done with my Odin Sphere set!

The first half of the set featuring Gwendolyn, Mercedes, and Velvet could be viewed here.

All of them will be available to purchase as prints at Anime Expo! My table is at A98.


Here is a pair of my Ar tonelico II artworks that I contributed to ARM Circle’s GUST series’ anthology artbook Astraea~

Since I didn’t feel like drawing their default nor their alternative outfits, I chose to create original outfits for them. <3

Anyway, I believe this is the arrangement used in the artbook, by the way. I initially had them faced back to back, haha.

I sadly don’t have anything new to show (at least, ones I’m allowed to..) so here’s a updated WIP of Mercedes from Odin Sphere. Most of the painting was refined a lot quicker than I imagined~ I hope this piece will turn out nicely!

I haven’t sketched Ingway yet, but I plan to insert him somewhere.. probably trying to balance on top of a branch for his dear life in his frog form LOL.

Sorry for the excessively blue background and blue magic effects.

It’s quite rare to see fanart of Shukure, a Reyvateil that appeared in [Ar tonelico Hymmnos Musical Cocona ~Two Songs, Two Feelings] and [Ar tonelico III Drama CD side Finnel - After story -] CDs.

Due to the context and motifs commonly found in two of her hymmnos songs and role, I gave her a pair of semi-transparent wings.

.. and here’s my puella magi. (´・ω・`)

Notice how I didn’t go and redraw the sketch lines for my character but do so for my friend’s? LOL I think this is becoming a pattern (if it isn’t already). I’ll probably go over this soon.. or some time after I work out some of my other similarly neglected art.

Like Harumi, this character was lifted from one of my characters and adapted into a puella magi. In this case, she’s lifted from Aiyami, one of my character I felt that could use a little more attention and less neglect from her creator. I’m unsure if I’m going to continue using her original name for consistency.. but it’s not exactly a realistic name to use.

While her profile details and abilities as a magical girl aren’t fully hammered out yet… what I do know is that this puella magi wished to protect her friends and family. I’m imagining that was during an event where their lives were at great risk and felt that this was the only way to create this sort of miracle.

Puella Magi Harumi ☆ Magica~!  ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ 

… this started out as a quick and fun design sketch of my friend’s character as we discussed which of our OCs we would adapt into this scheme.

Later on, I decided to redraw messy sketch lines with neater lines and well.. it ended up cleaner than expected. Despite the cleanliness however.. I still consider this a sketch that contains a lot of guesswork and assumptions on how the figure appear and portrayed. 

I suppose that this could be considered gift art hehe. ( ・∀・) ;

Anyway, Harumi Takara is a puella magi who wished to become an idol. Her primary weapon of choice to fight witches is to sing random songs and possibly random snippets with a microphone with a stand. However, we discussed that she would invariably toss her stand away whenever she finds that it gets in the way.

Ahh I forgot to upload this as well. oAo; I originally made these for button designs but due to circumstances, I turned them into keychains.

All chibi characters are from Sound Horizon’s 7th album Märchen. More information can be found here.

Just in case anyone else misinterprets the words.. the characters are not representatives. And they’re not in order according to the tracklist either. I ordered them based on who got finished first. :’D

Since the convention’s over.. I might as well go and upload the new things I specially made for artist alley.

These are soul gems with chibis of the characters from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. They are designed to serve as laminated keychains (though they use cell phone straps). They ended up being about 2 inches high but that seems like the right size for soul gems themselves.

story: LOL for some reason that I cannot comprehend.. none of these sold at all during artist alley. That sure disheartened me because these came out pretty cute (barring any errors I made.. especially on the soul gem frame and some of the designs overall). >_>;

SALE!!: Because of the above story.. I have a few sets I like to part if you’re interested~~ I hope to be proven wrong that I made these in vain. 8D;

They are $2 each.

I have two options for sets:
1 Complete Set (5) + Free Bonus Glasses Homura Soul Gem for $10 or 1 Complete Set (5) w/Discount for $9. Otherwise I’m generally negotiable on prices but the above is mostly fixed.

About shipping: I don’t have approximate shipping estimates but if you live in the US.. I honestly don’t expect it to be expensive at all (outside.. it could cost a bit more). Probably a little under or over $2 if you decide on getting the full set and even lower for smaller amounts. Otherwise, I can get estimates if you’re interested in purchasing them.

Thank you!! >A<