ahhh it’s been a while since I’ve drawn Sound Horizon fanart. I also tried borrowing likenesses from the album art to depict most of the characters, but I also had my own spin with it too, haha. 

By the way, this is only half of an image. There is an accompanying side featuring Violette, but I am not finished drawing and coloring it yet.

“Augh! This is the sixth carp! .. I swear moogles- if you’re jinxing me, then feel free to confess right now…” K'dyalani grumbled as she raised her fishing rod, revealing yet another dangling carp…

The moogles that accompanied her aren’t worried… yet. However, they collectively knew what this miqo'te kitten was capable of…

This was commissioned by @nyamomask. Thank you!!

This artwork features a young K'dyalani and her moogle friends. K’dyalani has been trying to catch certain fish with her homemade fishing rod, but unfortunately, she caught yet another carp…

.. and here’s my puella magi. (´・ω・`)

Notice how I didn’t go and redraw the sketch lines for my character but do so for my friend’s? LOL I think this is becoming a pattern (if it isn’t already). I’ll probably go over this soon.. or some time after I work out some of my other similarly neglected art.

Like Harumi, this character was lifted from one of my characters and adapted into a puella magi. In this case, she’s lifted from Aiyami, one of my character I felt that could use a little more attention and less neglect from her creator. I’m unsure if I’m going to continue using her original name for consistency.. but it’s not exactly a realistic name to use.

While her profile details and abilities as a magical girl aren’t fully hammered out yet… what I do know is that this puella magi wished to protect her friends and family. I’m imagining that was during an event where their lives were at great risk and felt that this was the only way to create this sort of miracle.

A test portrait of Atelier Opalia drawn about two weeks ago.

I say test because I was testing out study tone paper intended for scrapbooking use. I found that the paper absorbed ink too readily so it’s easy to make ink blooms if I’m not careful. The paper was also fairly resistent to regular pencil erasings too so I either have to draw lighly, or try limiting how much I use my pencil. On the bright side, I’m convinced that I can just probably use the pencil to shade the drawing though, lol.

The photo above is of my table setup at Touhou Con!

Text below is a brief report on Day 1. I don’t normally post con reports here, but I thought perhaps someone following me may be interested in this. I normally post super long reports at my main website’s blog or short ones at my personal tumblr. xD

I’ll reprint and elaborate more on this at my main blog some time after the convention.

  • Drove to and from the Anaheim Marriott. Day parking was $16. The con encompasses a meager amount of space… In other words, it was a very tiny con. It’s smaller than I imagined, but enough for the event.
  • Badge pick-up was quick and easy. AA tables were first-come, first-serve because there was so few artists participating. xD In the program guide, it only lists 13 participating “artists.”
  • I chose the second table closest to the entrance. Set up took some time because it was the first time tabling alone. I also suddenly had all this additional space to use up which were fantastic for the albums I have.
  • Tables are of ordinary length this time! Anime California’s tables were thinner than usual so it was nice to have ample table space again. The tables were were also kindly covered and curtained~ the colors matches the convention’s color scheme. xD
  • There was enough isle room since all tables were spaced out evenly and the two rows weren’t arranged back to back. Instead, it was arranged in a way that all rows were facing forward. The backside of the front row was covered with a curtain divider.
  • There were trash cans provided for each table~ it was super convenient because I had a lot of trash to throw away.
  • My brother (the helper) and I constructed half of the grid cube set up with blue painter’s tape (.. the kind he described as terrible for legit art use) as there weren’t enough connectors in the box of grid cubes.
  • Touhou con attendee goodie bags contained a program guide (with nice a nice Reimu artwork on the cover), separate schedule page, ads, and a box of Pocky! *A* … it honestly served as my breakfast, loool.
  • I got a fair amount of chibi lineart commissions today~ It goes without saying that all of them were of Touhou characters. ^^ I’ll eventually post up a photoset or something with all of them. Characters I drew over time were Yuuka (2x), Wriggle, Nitori, Tenshi, and Nue.
  • Met with a Atelier fan!! *A* Even toted her friend to my table later in the day!
  • For lunch, my brother got me a 6’’ subway sandwich at past 3P.M., haha.
  • Overall, the day was quite slow and easy~
  • In the end, I didn’t go to any panels or try playing any of the Touhou games since I got busy with working on commissions and manning my table.

I look forward to tomorrow~~

After Rorona and Totori.. here’s Meruru.

I had to redraw Meruru instead of including this one in the set because the original was too tall lool.

[10:18PM] edit: I ended up marking this post private for a while because I realized her left foot’s angle looks very hard to achieve with that kind of pose and really unrealistic so I fixed it up. Now it looks hopefully a bit more plausible than it looked initially.


I finished Cornelius and Ingway in time~ I included Oswald here to complete the photoset, haha.

With the last two finished, I’m finally done with my Odin Sphere set!

The first half of the set featuring Gwendolyn, Mercedes, and Velvet could be viewed here.

All of them will be available to purchase as prints at Anime Expo! My table is at A98.

I sadly don’t have anything new to show (at least, ones I’m allowed to..) so here’s a updated WIP of Mercedes from Odin Sphere. Most of the painting was refined a lot quicker than I imagined~ I hope this piece will turn out nicely!

I haven’t sketched Ingway yet, but I plan to insert him somewhere.. probably trying to balance on top of a branch for his dear life in his frog form LOL.

Sorry for the excessively blue background and blue magic effects.

It’s quite rare to see fanart of Shukure, a Reyvateil that appeared in [Ar tonelico Hymmnos Musical Cocona ~Two Songs, Two Feelings] and [Ar tonelico III Drama CD side Finnel - After story -] CDs.

Due to the context and motifs commonly found in two of her hymmnos songs and role, I gave her a pair of semi-transparent wings.