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I was wondering if I could ask you this considering you're the SRMTHFG expert... was there ever anything of Corey Feldman or Kari Wahlgren (Sprx's and Nova's voice actors) expressing their opinions on Spova? Just curious.

Wow, THE expert? I’m flattered! -><-

Anyways - yes, there was an instance of this actually! I’d asked Kari like forever ago what she thought of Spova. Sadly, I can’t find the exact email anymore, but she’d basically said that she preferred Otto, but “maybe you fans are moving things in a different direction.”

This comment, along with the ship teasing of both in canon, personally makes me think that Ottova was originally planned to be endgame, but the amount of support for Spova (Seriously, back when the show was on air pretty much EVERYONE shipped it - the fandom only became more dispersed after the series ended.) - not to mention head-of-story Brandon Auman clearly shipping it in his episodes like nobody’s business - lead to changes in the last few seasons.

Corey hasn’t said anything though - the only thing we have about him mentioning the show at all was him wearing an SRMTHG shirt one time on The Two Coreys