kari whalgren


Kari Whalgren and Jim Cummings NAILED the last OK K.O. Episode! 😂


So here is the start of a fanart-redesign-headcanon project thing I started on the day before Spring break. It’s definitely going to be an on-and-off thing due to school.

I actually had the idea of doing it two years ago and did some strictly for Chiro(gotta start with the protag y’ know? I might upload those by the way) But the motivation never hit me until one day at an party in my friends’ apartment last December, there was twelve of us and we were talking about the childhood shows we missed the most. I mentioned SRMTHFG! and found out that more than half of them were fans. It was definitely one of the biggest highlights of that month since I thought I was the only fan, or at least the only one who knew about it. We even talked about out fave episode, characters etc. It was great.

But the main reason I wanted to do this mini project is that this series was a big part of my late childhood and preteen years. Additionally, it is one of my biggest artistic influences and just right in line with my aesthetic.

I cannot explain how much I love and hate this show. (Yeah there were things in the show I just didn’t like at all). The animation was downright dynamic and the character designs just unique. And the voice acting oh my god…giant shoutout to Greg Cipes, Kari Whalgren, and Corey Feldman. The story at first was echhh but greatly improved as the seasons progressed. But I would like to give the biggest shoutout to Ciro Nieli for producing this one-of-a-kind series that filled those years with such fun adventures.

Tiny note: the images have captions