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Not to Brag But...

(Our party is pretty deep in our cups by now and the paladin is trying to have a real moment with the NPC Kari, an enchanter who is helping us with a unique object that we ran into during our pub crawl. The ranger, who never drank before and is extremely far along, tries to subtly pitch in some insight. Very subtly.)

Paladin Bard: Well, Kari, I had a feeling that you got your talent somewhere, but I have to be honest with you.  People like you, you give me hope.

Kari: Hope?! What kind of hope? Why do I give you hope?

Paladin Bard: You give me the hope that my friends and I might actually survive this and get enough money to be financially independent and live long lives some day, and that not all adventurers end up as skeletons in a tomb–

Kari: Most do!

Paladin Bard: I’m well aware…

Ranger: (heavily drunk & slurring) Lack of skeletons’ good!

Kari: For what it’s worth, I’m kind of impressed by the crypt delving.

Ranger: Thaaaaaaat’s nothin’. (releases loud and unexpected belch)

Hiya Y’all

This is a new blog. It is a new idea actually so give us a while to really get it up and running. 

The idea behind:

Rach and I have gotten very close over the past few month and that has given us a new appreciation of just how much it means to have writer friends in this fandom. Someone to bounce ideas off. Someone that will beta or help you out with any problems you might encounter. 

Our friendship has gone beyond writing but it started there. We wanna help you guys find a SPN Writing Buddy like we have in each other. We wanna pair you in teams of three based on your interest and experiences as a writer. If it is something you are interested in please answer this questionnaire.

What else will be going on here?

My Writer’s Friday Advice will be moved here, but with a twist. I will answer the questions but throw it out to you guys to give your input as well. 

Kari’s Spotlight will stay on my blog for now but will be reblogged to this one. 

We will try and post writing tips and prompts as we find them. Feel free to tag us in things we might be interested in sharing. Also, our ask is always open.

Welcome to our little playground. We hope you will join in the fun. 

Rach and Kari. 

My favorite children o(-(( dunno why I call them “fallen children”
Just doodling, since I’ve got like nothing to do

Oh and the twintails girls up in the right are from the cartoon series “Mari-Kari” btw. Well I can’t find any tags about them…

Closed Starter || ryze-elric

Kari bit her lip lightly, standing in front of the door of her best friend, Ryze. On campus, her roommate wasn’t home and truth be told, Kari hated being alone at night. Ryze was her best friend, an amazing artist, and just… well, Kari loved him. But it was more than that  brother/sister love…. She wanted to grow into something more with him. She rapped her knuckles on the door, looking at the man when he answered. “Um, hey Ryze…. sorry I’m here so late, but is there any chance I can stay over…?” Kari watched him, gnawing at her lip. Ryze knew that she hated being alone, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t say no. She hated being alone, but Kari also had a plan.


Lead Me Not To Temptation.

                                    Chapter 17


TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Seventeen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING: Mature 

Thor received a response from King Frederick swiftly enough. As he had expected, with the impending birth of their child, he and his wife were not willing to risk her travelling via the Bifrost, so they invited him and Kari as well as members of their court to visit Alfheim instead. Much to Thor’s chagrin however, the Light Elf king also knew of Loki’s return, and the invitation was extended to him specifically also.

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