kari wells

this was meant to be a warm up sketch and i got a little carried away but i haven’t drawn this shit gremlin in a hot minute and it felt nice to sort of go back to his roots lmao

he’s grown up so much TTwTT

thank you so much to @anoneifanocs for designing this darling little fae child, i only wish i’d had time to draw him up a ref sooner~~~

i have big plans for this kid, so stay tuned to everyone else (*^∀゚)ъ

edit: also please for the love of god, click or fullview, tumblr absolutely wrecked the quality as usual,,

Today I watched the most beautiful thing ever! Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 1 Reunion (mouthful). This contains spoilers.

I watched it in English. The majority of voice actors return from Adventure and Adventure 02 or sounded the same. I’m sure Gabumon had a different one. I fangirled when I first heard Tai speak so well as Kari.

It was great to see the opening as lot was a normal animé film opening with the slice of life element and Japanese song. It is clear the people who dubbed this knew who this was made for. I will get on that later. I was nearly crying because Tai picked up his digivice and I was just watching with my mouth agape.

When Agumon appeared I cried a little but not as much as I thought I was going too. No tears fell, I just started watering up. It was great to see the ultimate team back together.

The bit that made me cry the most was a bit during the fight against three Kuwagamon. I mean proper crying. Tears were falling! T.K and Kari are about to fight one. I ship them so hard. They were my original OTP. When Patamon started to Digivolve I started crying for two reasons. One, it was adorable and two, the team of T.K, Kari, Angemon and Gatomon was a superb scene. The pairing is canon. It was confirmed in Adventure 02 Japanese Dub so I am told. IT’S CANON IT’S CANON IT’S CANON!!!!!!!!!

It is clear both the writers and translates know who should be aimed at as it is very mature. Matt says ‘pissing me off’. Yes, in a Digimon animé. The game developers and publisher (Bandai Namco) aim at a more mature audience but the animé have always been aimed at a younger audience, it never matured with the audience with a few exceptions but this is promising. It is clearly aimed at people like me who grew up with the Adventure series’.

The other bit that made me cry like that was when Omnimon Digivolved. It was a beautiful scene of Agumon and Gabumon Digivolving and attacking Alphamon in each stage and then DNADigivolving to Omnimon. I was possibly just as much, maybe more. I was in awe.

I can’t wait for Chapter 2.

For The Love Of Harry, Chapter One

Okay, everyone! After reading dozens and dozens of Harry fanfics, I’ve decided to throw one of mine into the pot. I’ve been writing Harry stories for a couple of years now, having dozens stored in my database, but not having the confidence to share them with another soul. I’ve been writing for years, but I’m new to the world of fan fiction, so please bear with me. I normally write novel/screenplay stories, so fanfics are a new challenge, and I love a good challenge. I wrote in the narrative of what I like to read personally, placing the reader in the story. This is Chapter One of my first shared story. I appreciate any feedback from anyone who will offer it, as this will determine if I continue writing them for you, or fall back to writing them only for myself. With a good enough response, I would be happy to share more, and accept prompts and ideas for further writing. As a small note, Chapter One only contains a hint toward the smut. I tend to like a bit of smut, but my main focus is to offer a good, hopefully believable, story with relatable characters. I struggle with a feeling of guilt concerning smut, feeling that it could be offensive and disrespectful toward Harry personally, sexualizing him and such. That’s my own demon to face. What I know is I love writing stories involving Harry. He’s a fun character to write, and that reflects on what an intriguing person he is in reality. So, here you go! Part One of my first shared writing, For The Love Of Harry.


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In Today’s Magic Story...

The Talented Captain Vraska

I’d like to begin by giving this a subtitle, “Because Angrath already took the title of Dread Pirate.”  Now onto the story.

House of the Ochran, Ravnica

  • First, let’s just appreciate that Bolas just slips her this invitation via a book.  He obviously knows his target, and knows that she’ll definitely see this.
    • Second, the gaudiness of the invitation.  Gold ink.  Sandalwood.  Magic.  By gods, this guy.
    • Third, all it says is “MEDITATION PLANE.”  In all caps.  No reason.  No directions.  No description.  Just “BE HERE”.  Bolas never fails to disappoint.
    • Fourth, telepathic ink.  Bolas truly spares no expense.
  • Also there’s not much on the Ochran, apart that Vraska is part of their organization.  This was all the way back with Mazirek’s story.
  • I don’t know what flats are.  I assumed flats were British apartments or something, but oh well.
  • We already touched on this, but Bolas really does go the extra mile in accommodating his pawns.  Mysterious note in a book?  Check.  Magical ink?  Check.  Hiring an assassin bored with assassinating to do something other than assassinate?  Check.
  • Nicol Bolas towered over her, a gold streak against the sky, posture as far from reptilian as his anatomy would allow.
    • Well yeah, he’s basically one giant angry noodle with wings.
  • You read my mind?
    I am currently reading your mind.
    • Oh how I missed reading Nicol Bolas!
  • You need to charge up petrification magic depending on the size of the foe.  So it’s a wind-up.
  • When we last saw Vraska, it seemed like she was setting up Mazirek to take command of the Golgari.  But as long as the injustice done to the downtrodden is removed, it’s all good.
  • Who is Bolas’ associate?  Surely not Tezzeret, he’s more of a lackey or servant.  Is Bolas just being polite, or is there someone whom he regards highly enough to call an associate?
  • I can double-cross him if this goes south.
    “No,” said Nicol Bolas. “You cannot.”
    • I said it before, but I’ll say it again.  I hate the attrocities this elder dragon perpetrates, but god do I love his character and writing!
  • Bolas doesn’t just give her the compass: no, he teleports it into her pocket.  Handing things to people is for peons.
  • Bolas – and now Vraska – know of a spell strong enough to travel through the Blind Eternities and reach someone else.  A specific someone else, I might add.
    • “You’d be surprised what one learns over millennia of boredom,” mused the dragon.
  • The end is worth the means, Vraska told herself…
    • Very important characterization.

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My Fav Jensen Series Of All Time.

This are completed and I really wish they weren’t but they are also series I have gone back and read after they were over. I love all of these so so much and I think all should read them too!

Silk and Rough Velvet by @blacktithe7

Send The Pain Below by @torn-and-frayed

Soft Hair and Single by @teamfreewill-imagine

Crack Under Pressure by @mysupernaturalfics

Out of the Park by @iwantthedean

Also this one is not over but Beeeeeev it’s been too long….

A crazy little thing called love by @chaos-and-the-calm67

Pretty sure a Dean edition of this one will happen one of these days as well ;) 

one of the things that annoys me the most about Wheel of Time is how dead women - specifically Ilyena (Lews Therin’s wife) and Kari al'Thor - are treated (kinda like how they’re treated in other epic fantasy series)

these two in particular are aggravating because in Ilyena’s case she’s the wife of the PREVIOUS Dragon, the main protagonist’s forerunner/previous life/incarnation. she is an important person historically, not least because she was killed BY her husband in his magic-induced madness. and yet we know literally nothing about her as a person?? we have an idea of what she looked like, we know Lanfear was jealous of her, and that’s about…it. we don’t even know if she could channel!! like as much time as Lews Therin spent railing about killing her in Rand’s head you’d think we would’ve had SOMETHING

(then again that might just be further proof to the ‘it wasn’t REALLY Lews Therin in Rand’s head’ theory)

as for Kari al'Thor. well, you have Rand literally citing his [adopted] father as the 'reason’ he succeeded where Lews Therin failed. so Rand’s victory against the Dark One is like specifically thanks to his upbringing by Tam, which, incidentally, included the loss of his [adopted] mother from a very young age, so young he knows basically nothing about her, and Tam either didn’t talk about her at all or else Rand was just heartless enough not to consider the woman that would’ve raised him if she’d lived for longer than the first few years of his life. and no offense, but i think the absence of Rand’s mother undermines the importance of his upbringing by Tam’s values, because what about Kari’s values??

tl;dr @joannalannister started a revolution with her Dead Ladies’ Club and i admire her for it

My favorite children o(-(( dunno why I call them “fallen children”
Just doodling, since I’ve got like nothing to do

Oh and the twintails girls up in the right are from the cartoon series “Mari-Kari” btw. Well I can’t find any tags about them…