kari sky

Into The Criminal Mind (Part 1)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Trigger Warnings: Language, vague descriptions of violence

Word Count: 2110

A/N: This was written for Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge aka @thing-you-do-with-that-thing . My topic was Criminal Minds a shared favorite TV show of ours. This is only part 1 of a series, so trust me when I saw there is more planned. Well, in my head anyway. I still need to write it out on paper but there is a plot coming. Also, I made up the creature in the beginning. I couldn’t find a real myth that fitted what I wanted so I made one up. What are you gonna do? Sue me lol. Hope y’all enjoy.

Summary: You and the guys are in danger. The reason for it, you’re not exactly sure. Cas comes to warn you and transports you to another dimension. However, this dimension doesn’t have monsters, but it does have a serial killer on the loose. With Sam missing and you and Dean in FBI mode, you help the BAU track down this killer. When you become a target and Sammy’s whereabouts connected to the killer, what will Dean do to save the love of his life and protect his brother? Will Cas make it back to get you in time?

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Fun, upbeat songs by strong independent women who don’t need no man”

1. Fancy / 2. Girlfriend / 3. Bubblegum Bitch / 4. Girls Just Want To Have Fun / 5. Unwritten / 6. Run The World / 7. You(Ha Ha Ha) / 8. Girl On Fire / 9. Can’t Hold Us Down / 10. Roar / 11. Warrior / 12. Salute / 13. How To Be A Heartbreaker / 14. This Is What Makes Us Girls / 15. We Can’t Stop / 16. 17 / 17. Move / 18. All Night / 19. Nobody’s Perfect / 20. Who You Are /

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Nefertiti by Kari Sky.

This is about closure. More about moving on really. Time moves on and the interactions between people change.