kari novik

My dreams sometimes get embarrassingly fanservicey for me to the point that I wake up asking “why”, what with Kari interacting with characters I like.

First there was a dream where she fought alongside Plastic Man back in 2010, then she recently got real friendly with The Batman’s Killer Croc, and then this week, well…

It was something about Kari blowing Clayface’s disguise??  I ‘unno. I can’t remember all the details, but it got real terrifying real fast.

“Wait, you guys don’t understand!  If my boyfriend finds out about this, h-he’s gonna-”

Spoon’s crow guys haven’t had much luck in their attempts to hold Kari ransom, though it appears that they found yet another opportunity to wrap up their unfinished business.  Unfortunately for them, it will have to be postponed yet again.

Kari’s just worried about the ramifications here.


I enjoy comparing old art to new art so… yeah I’d been trying to make a nice ref/expression sheet for Kari after the one I made for a class in 2012 (around that time I was still trying to figure out how I wanted to redo Kari’s overall shape).

So here we have attempt #1 from 2012, #2 from 2013, and now #3. Gotta say I’m happy with how much more structured she looks hfhg.

The bottom is just the initial sketch before I decided to tweak it and make her look a liiiittle more mischievous.