kari novik

Kari Novik, a budding young socialite and heiress, arrives on scene. Fashionably late, of course.

Haha I’m pretty late with this since I’ve spent all week moving everything out of my bedroom and packing for my trip. I had barely any time to draw. ;~;

While I’m sad I won’t be able to draw any OC interactions in time for the remainder of the ball (it’s like 4 am over here right now, oops) I’m still gonna draw a really dumb thing between my characters and Mockingbird, haaaa.

Whoaaa 5000 followers? Thanks, that happened faster than I was expecting! I might as well introduce myself to new people, I guess!

Well then my name’s Anne-Laure (just call me NK tho, she/her pronouns) and I’m a French-American who loves drawing while also currently trying to figure out what I even want to do with my life.  

I’d like to make comics and I’m hoping to throw together a couple one of these days. You might see me draw this one lady named Kari Novik pretty often. She’s from one of those stories.

I’m super shy and I have crushes on awful trash dudes hahahaaa. ;;; 9OmO)9

Things I like a lot: MST3K, JJBA, Sailor Moon, Kaiji, Batman cartoons, Klonoa, Rayman, Okage, ILLBLEED, Silent Hill, Phantom of the Paradise, Yellow Submarine, Nightmare Before Christmas (s-shut up). Not a great list but I think you get the picture of my awful tastes fff.


I enjoy comparing old art to new art so… yeah I’d been trying to make a nice ref/expression sheet for Kari after the one I made for a class in 2012 (around that time I was still trying to figure out how I wanted to redo Kari’s overall shape).

So here we have attempt #1 from 2012, #2 from 2013, and now #3. Gotta say I’m happy with how much more structured she looks hfhg.

The bottom is just the initial sketch before I decided to tweak it and make her look a liiiittle more mischievous.