kari avalon

After finishing the commission posted in a post before this.. I decided that I should set aside some time just for brand new work in order to allow me some breathing room from the next few commissions in line and several WIP that are slowly becoming even more derelict than they already are lool.

That aside.. I decided to give another shot at practicing coloring values in near grayscale and speedpainting (…the speedpainting in my opinion is pretty successful? I usually spend a ton of time fixing up stuff, refining details, or generally spend a lot of time more than necessary on a piece. If anything.. I hardly get to this much done on a school day). Once this is polished.. I’m going to try to figure out how to put color on this piece. Anyway, her outfit design is derived from my current gaia online avatar outfit I put together haha.

… I originally intended to finish this prior to attending my first artist alley but I lost motivation midway through the flat colors stage. I initially drew this in attempt to come up with a button or keychain or bookmark design but I realized that I’m in too many fandoms to devote myself to this series orz.

Regardless of that.. this chibi came out pretty well in the end so putting it off might have been for the best. And who knows.. I might give the other characters a shot sometimes.