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ahh, so cute! (I love that you draw a little mark on Sakuras forehead like Tsunades!)

I always draw a yin seal on Sakura on principle that she’s gonna get it dammit, because she’s the apprentice and she’s supposed to surpass the previous generation and also what about those summons why did we forget about genjutsu AARRRGGGG- (also thank you!!) 

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God bless you, you shining star of excellent taste and excellent draws


Thank you you beautiful person you

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I can totally see this happening in the manga. Hm..I wonder what the winner gets? Haha, excellent work as always!

I decided it would be a month’s worth of laundry and bragging privileges  because all the boys thought she wouldn’t be able to beat them without chakra. But they forgot. That she trained. With the Fifth hokage. One of the best. Nbd

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sera i can't believe you beat me to asking naruto (naruto)

i only read up to the nagato arc and then i quit, so a lot of these answers will probably be based on outdated character info?

favourite female character:

sakura, ino, tsunade

favourite male character:

haku, rock lee, kakashi, occasionally naruto

least favourite female character:

of the primary cast, hinata, though i don’t dislike her! found her boring and kind of unsubstantial, for the most part. wish there’d been more about her/the hyuga clan and less about her/naruto— i have nothing wrong with her crush on naruto but it consumed her characterization and was sort of hamfisted. 

least favourite male character:

orochimaru, post-timeskip. get out of here dude u already served ur purpose.

favourite ship:

shika/ino, naru/sasu/saku, haku/zabuza, kakashi/obito, shizune/tsunade

least favourite ship:

kind of opposed to like 90% of hinata ships in fandom and in filler episodes? all the weird pedestaling of hinata over virtually every other girl and the propensity for weird moe trope rubbish.

film/tv show rating:(i’m not answering the ratings anymore it gives me choice anxiety)


they’re gonna be pretty belated, unfortunately! i’ve been trying to find the time to sit down and write them but it’s been really, really hectic around here the past few days!

(i’ll try to get them out the door very soon but i apologize for not getting them to you sooner, i feel pretty crummy about it!)