karezi i guess

this is for Lexy because she goes to my school and boy does she have a nice face or what

tried out a different coloring style since i usually focus on shadows instead of highlights? we’ll see how it goes i guess


HEY GUYS I miss having tons of Homestuck spamming my dash every day so I’m going to do one of those things where I’m like if you reblog lots of the content below or know a blog that does, please reblog this and i will follow your ass most likely.

THE GOOD SHIT: Sollux, Karkat, Terezi, Aradia, Feferi, Signless, Disciple, Psiioniic, Dolorosa, Solkat, Karezi, Solfef, Solara, AND ANY COMBINATION OF THE REBELS. AUs are sweet, reblogging lots of fanart/fanfiction is sweet.

THE PLEASE NO: Please don’t recommend if there is lots of Erisol, Erikar, or really, a ton of purple bloods in general because they make me upset. Especially Cronus. Basically everything else is cool though.