karezi cuteness

Terezi straightened out her new shirt. “The two tinies are still laughing. I don’t trust it.”

Karkat grumbled. “It’s just a damn shirt, Terezi! It’s not gonna bite you!”

They both paused reflectively. Karkat looked down his shirt and checked for teeth, while Terezi sniffed in much the same way.

“I don’t think it’s going to bite me,” Karkat said, a bit more cautious.

“Hmm.” Terezi patted her shirt, feeling the bit with text. She could feel out the shape and it translated into her mind, forming letters and words. It wasn’t actually in a text she knew, intellectually. Humans and trolls didn’t use the same alphabets and only the vagaries of the game’s mechanics had translated things between their worlds. 

She had no idea how they still understood each other’s languages and words. It was going to take her a moment to actually work out what the shirt said.

Karkat was not so patient. “HARLEY! STRIDER! The hell do these shirts say!” He scowled overhead.

Dave and Jade sat primly upon a railing, doing their best to look sly. Dave was too calm for his own good and Jade kept giggling so the trolls were probably going to be suspicious at some point.

“It says you’re a dork,” Dave said.

“You lie!”

“That’s not untrue,” Terezi reflected, absently ruffling Karkat’s hair (and probably the only one who could get away with it). “Not the answer, though.”

Jade, who’d bought the shirts at a store after being too delighted by an impulse urge, put her fingers together. “Nothing bad,” she said. That was sincere, at least.

Dave only looked mysterious. So very mysterious.

Karkat glanced up at Terezi’s shirt. The phrase ‘Team Mom’ went through his mind in a bit of bewildered translation, and then fizzled in his brain as it failed to meet with any relevant translations. For a moment it almost linked up with ‘something to do with Maryam ancestor’ and that failed to make sense, falling away altogether.

Terezi, for her part, sniffed Karkat’s shirt. A phrase went through her senses; ‘Team Dad’, and like with Karkat, it failed to make much sense. “I… think the shirts have something to do with lusii?” She said uncertainly, frowning faintly.

“They’re being weird aliens again. They’re smirking!”

“Am I going to have to kick some ass?”

“Probably. I’ll hide in the couch just in case.”

“Fair warning!” Dave yelled. “I might have to sit on you!”

“I will not be hiding in the couch!”