karezi cuteness

imploder  asked:

Give it to me straight. Is karezi a boring ass ship for boring ass people like me?

Karezi is super cute and I’m kinda bummed it didn’t sail post Gamzee because I think they both really understand what it’s like to be in such a toxic relationship with a juggalo and if that isn’t what great ships are made of, I don’t know what is


This was so much fun!!! I had a wonderful time with ask-gallows-callibrator and cosplaying their otp with them and they let me borrow their stuff to be terezi and gosh darnit I felt freaking pretty and they are one of the cutest karkats EVER. But holy cow I had so much fun I want to be terezi again ahhhhhhh

Try not to let the lip piercing bother you guys to much cause it’s not going anywhere~

Me as terezi

Ask-gallows-callibrator as karkat

so i was rereading homestuck and i forgot about this panel like okay cool dave and terezi doin whatever they do

but then i noticed karkat in the background and omg

he’s just like angrily watching daverezi happen from behind a treasure chest like karkat please

what are you doing