karezi cuteness

Terezi and Karkat are definitely the couple who would share earphones to listen to music, but imagine Karkat having only those bulky headphones that go all the way over your ears and he can’t give Terezi one earphone to listen to so she just puts her head beside his and they sit there sharing these headphones head-to-head

Or, alternatively, Karkat has to put them around his neck so they can both hear and Terezi leans her head on his shoulder or chest uwu

so i was rereading homestuck and i forgot about this panel like okay cool dave and terezi doin whatever they do

but then i noticed karkat in the background and omg

he’s just like angrily watching daverezi happen from behind a treasure chest like karkat please

what are you doing


[S] Attempt rare and highly dangerous 5x SHOWDOWN COMBO.

It was always one of my fav flashes. I had this drawing unfinished since the last time i asked you for ideas for Karezi, sorry i was so tired. I am now because i am studying english and japanese at the same time and i have to be out of my house almost all day, but i always think of my otp’s even if i’m occupied by life UwU
I was really lazy doing this, sorry : ( i promised myself i would be doing better but it’s been hard but i don’t give up! I’m like Ochako!


I’ve never seen anyone drawing this scene before so here~ a not so Karezi moment (:
It’s super cute how funny their faces are even thought both of them just lose really important friends. Context is super great, i love Homestuck so much.


This was so much fun!!! I had a wonderful time with ask-gallows-callibrator and cosplaying their otp with them and they let me borrow their stuff to be terezi and gosh darnit I felt freaking pretty and they are one of the cutest karkats EVER. But holy cow I had so much fun I want to be terezi again ahhhhhhh

Try not to let the lip piercing bother you guys to much cause it’s not going anywhere~

Me as terezi

Ask-gallows-callibrator as karkat