Alex Karev Imagine 40

Alex Karev Imagine 40
504 Words
Suggestions: Reader’s Friend Overdoses.
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You arrived back at your apartment where your best friend was staying at for a few days. She was passing through, on her way to seeing her parents after a good while. You opened the door and heard the shower running.

“Hey (Best Friend’s Name), I’m home,” You called.

You didn’t get a response, which was strange.


You opened the door to the bathroom and saw her lying on the floor with a needle stuck in her arm.


You ran over to her and took the needle out, smelling it slightly.

“Heroin,” You whispered.

You checked her pulse before calling 911.

You got out of the moving ambulance and ran in with a stretcher.

“We got a female in her 30s, named (B/F/n) (B/F/L/n), overdosed on heroin,” Someone called.

“(L/n), what are you doing here? You just got off,” Bailey said.

You had tear streaks on your cheeks.

“My best friend, she-she overdosed on heroin and I-I had to come, she’s my best friend and I-I,” You took a few deep breaths.

“We’ll take good care of her, why don’t you wait in the waiting room?”

You nodded and went, sitting down and waiting patiently for what seemed like hours. You felt like this was your fault. You left her alone all day and you should’ve came sooner.


You turned your head and stood, seeing Bailey walk over to you.

“The dosage was… higher… than usual. I’m sorry, but your friend, she didn’t make it.”

You started to cry again, holding your face in your hands as you sat down. Bailey placed a hand on your back, rubbing small circles, seeing as you never really cried in front of her or in front of anyone for that matter. People took you as a strong woman who can take a lot of emotional baggage. Today was an exception. Your best friend just died. You heard footsteps walk over, but you couldn’t tell who it was. You heard Bailey say something, then she got up and walked away. A hand was placed on your shoulder.

“(Y/n),” You heard.

You looked up. Alex stared at you with a concerned look. You stared.

“I heard, do you want me to take you home,” He asked.

You wiped your eyes. He’s your boyfriend, and he hasn’t seen you cry either.

“I-I’m fine,” You breathed, looking back at him.

“No, you’re not. I just saw you cry. You’re not fine. I’m taking you home.”

“I don’t wanna go back home,” You whispered.

He stared at you for a while before he knew what that meant.

“Then you’re coming home with me. Stay right here, and I’ll come back so we can go back to my place, alright?”

You looked at him in shock.

“Alright? I’m not leaving you by yourself, no, you need someone, and I know Netflix and food will do the trick,” He smiled at you.

“Thanks,” You smiled sadly.

“Don’t thank me just yet. I got a whole lot of tricks up my sleeve.”

Alex Karev Imagine 39

Alex Karev Imagine 39
237 Words
Suggestions: Alex gets angry and the Reader thinks he’s going to take it out on her.
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“Damnit,” Alex said for the 5th time as he paced down the hall.

You stared, watching him go back and forth in your apartment. He was angry about something, but you didn’t know what. You were kind of scared it was about you and he was going to confront you about it. You stared at him for a good while, before holding your pillow on your bed closer to you.

“Damnit, (Y/n).”

You jumped up as he said your name.

“Yes,” You squeaked, flinching slightly.

He blinked twice.

“What’s better, Dinner at a Restaurant and then a movie, or a movie then dinner at home?”

You blinked twice. That’s what he was so angry about?

“Movie then dinner at home. I like homemade food, and I’d love for a man to cook me dinner sometimes.”

“Really? What’s so different about dinner at a restaurant then a movie?”

“Knowing you, it’ll be a horror movie, and I’m not going to eat $60 worth of gorgeous food only to barf it up almost an hour later. Not gonna happen. Besides, I’d personally want to watch a movie so we can have dinner conversation.”

“And this is why I love you making these decisions. Let’s go.”

“Go where?”

“To the movies, where else?”

Did he just ask you out without you even knowing? Smart, smart Alex Karev. You smirked.

“Alright then handsome, thanks for being slick. Let me get dressed.”

Alex Karev Imagine 41

Alex Karev Imagine 41
173 Words
Suggestions: Reader’s Death
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“(Y/n),” Alex muttered, holding your head in his lap.

“Uh-huh,” You whispered, feeling someone hold something against your stomach.

“You’re going to be fine, stay with me.”

“I’ll try,” You whispered.

You arrived at the hospital as you rushed into a trauma room. You were flatlining. You’ve survived a couple of scrapes and bruises, but having your intestines hanging out of your stomach was overdoing it. Some guy just had to slice your stomach to prove a point huh? Always some guy.

“She’s flatlining!”

They placed paddles on your chest.

“Charge to 150… CLEAR!”

The shock erupted throughout your entire body, but nothing. You didn’t move. It had been minutes before they called it. You didn’t move anymore. You lost too much blood, and you’ve been exposed for far too long. You were gone.

“Alex,” Meredith murmured.

He shook his head.

“No, no,” He whispered.

“Alex, she’s gone.”

Alex looked away, covering his eyes with one hand as he sat down. He started shaking.

“Damnit (Y/n)… I told you to stay,” He whimpered.

do you ever just think about Meredith Grey’s monologues as excerpts of the diary she wrote for her kids in case Alzheimers got the worst of her

Alex Karev Imagine 38

Alex Karev Imagine 38
577 Words
Suggestions: Alex is using a kid on a case him and the Reader are both on to help him propose.
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You and Alex were both working on the same case with a kid who has cancer. Alex was with the kid now, and you were doing some research.

“Hey Dr. (L/n)?”

You turned your head. It was Stephanie Edwards. She looked at you as she held out something on a hanger.

“Dr. Karev wanted me to give you this,” She held it out to you.

You blinked twice.

“Why,” You asked.

“He just said to.”

You took it from her hands. It felt like a dress, and something was at the end of it was something hard. You assumed it was some form of shoes.

“Alright, thanks,” You said, walking off.

You went to change. When you looked at it, it was a black dress that was long. You didn’t own this, so you assumed he bought it. You put it on and it was one of those dresses that showed off your leg up to your mid-thigh. It was sleeveless too, and sparkly.

“Alright, not bad Alex,” You murmured.

You put on the black Mary-Jane pumps that were in there too. You stared at yourself.

“Huh,” You murmured, seeing a note fall out of the thing that dress was in.

You picked it up and read it. Alex wanted you at the front of the hospital where the steps were at. You put your hair in a low bun and walked off, shoving your clothes into your bag. You headed towards the hospital.

“Why are you dressed up,” Meredith asked you.

“I don’t know,” You shrugged.

“Oh, I guess Alex has something planned then,” She giggled.

You walked towards the front of the hospital where the Chief of Surgery would normally announce their changes to the hospital. You stood at the bottom of the steps and frowned.

“Where is he,” You murmured.

No one was around, and it was quiet… that was… until you heard music. You remembered the familiar tune and turned your head.

“Do I look lonely?
I see the shadows on my face
People have told me
I don’t look the same
Maybe I lost weight
I’m playing hooky
With the best of the best
Pull my heart out my chest
So that you can see it too”

You turned your head, seeing Alex in a tux, and holding a microphone. You stared at him. It was one of your favorite songs ‘Death of a Bachelor’ by Panic! At the Disco.

“I’m walking the long road
Watching the sky fall
The lace in your dress
Tangles my neck
How do I live?”

He walked down a few steps, smiling at you as your mouth was a little bit wide.

“The death of a bachelor
Oh oh-oh
Letting the water fall
The death of a bachelor
Oh oh-oh
Seems so fitting for
Happily ever after
How could I ask for more?
Lifetime of laughter
At the expense of the death of a bachelor”

He held your hand after he finished the last few steps and kissed it tenderly. He smiled at you.

“So, will you make this bachelor happy and become my wife?”

You smiled and nodded.

“Yeah I will.”

You kissed him repeatedly around his face.

“How’d you come up with this idea,” You murmured with a smile.

“Well, I had some help.”

You both look to see that kid roll in with a grin on his face.

“I’m great with the ladies aren’t I,” He asked.

“Yeah you are,” Alex nodded.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Death of a Bachelor or Grey’s Anatomy nor You, remember that.