19. 命の価値 - The Value Of Life
Misa (and L)
19. 命の価値 - The Value Of Life

19. 命の価値 - The Value Of Life

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Misa singing while in confinement. At the beginning Ryuk shouts “Humans are the best!” and in the middle she is interrogated by L.
Here’s a rough translation:
He asks her how Kira kills his victims, and she says that they’re not victims but criminals, and the people who are hurt by them are the victims. “Like your parents?”, L asks, “you must be grateful to him” 
“Everyone’s grateful to him!” 
“Murder is murder. Thinking you’re a god with the right to decide who lives and dies-” 
“Kira is not God! God decided that my parents had to die, Kira decided that their murderer should die. Which is the right decision? Kira is creating a safer, more beautiful place by killing, a world where it’s okay to walk in a bad neighborhood, a world where it’s okay to forget to lock the door, a world filled with love.” 
“Light (Raito)… A world of only light, would you say? Well then… What about these gods of death?” 
“Gods of death…? What are you talking about?” 
“You met Light Yagami at the Shibuya crossing, did you not?” 
“So what if I did?” 
“And killed a detective-”
“I didn’t!” 
“You’re working with Light.”

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This is too funny tho lollollol