Kolly Domesticity
Who is the big spoon/little spoon? Holly is the big spoon, Karen sometimes tries to take control but Holly loves taking care of her. Holly takes control by often instigating their intimacy and just simply by the fact that she has had more life experience.  
What is their favorite non-sexual activity? Holly writes and Karen paints while looking over the view of the sea. Holly likes to just open the window and hear the cars and the sea but Karen likes to listen to some acoustic versions of her favourite bands.

Who uses all the hot water in the morning? Holly, she likes to bask in the shower, to just stand under the water for as long as possible, if Karen complains, she invites her to join her.

What they order from take out? They both adore fish and chips, they usually eat them whilst watching one of their embarrassingly bad American series, like 90210 or Glee.
What is the most trivial thing they fight over

They both hate ironing, they argue over it every time it needs doing. A few years down the line when they have enough money they hire an ironing lady.

Who does most of the cleaning?

Karen, she never cared about how clean or tidy her childhood home was but now she lives with Holly she really cares, also her College hours are shorter than Holly’s work hours.

What has a season pass in their DVR?

They both love Desperate Housewives, Glee, 90210 and True Blood but Holly really like cop and court dramas too so they are added into the mix.

Who controls the netflix queue?

Karen, when Holly is watching her Cop dramas she watches chick flicks on Netflix.

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working?

Holly, she likes to take control of the basic stuff because she has lived on her own a lot longer than Karen has.

Who steals the blankets?

Neither of them, if they are cold they snuggle, if they are warm they throw the covers to the bottom of the bed.

Who leaves their stuff around?


Who remembers to buy the milk?

Karen likes to think that she takes care of Holly, that is why she does the shopping.

Who remembers anniversaries?

Karen is totally obsessed with anniversaries, she loves the rare opportunity to feel like she is looking after Holly.

'True Love' Holly/Karen (Kolly) Fanfiction (untitled for the time being) Chapter 1

OK so True Love, or more specifically the third episode (‘Holly’) has really struck a chord with me and before I knew it I was writing this; let me know if you like it or want me to continue…

Holly Shawcross took a deep breath and steeled herself as she faced the class of jeering teens, each one of their chants of ‘les-bi-an!’ feeling like a personally-delivered punch to the stomach. Every fibre of her being was telling her to flee from the room in tears, but Holly had had quite enough of backing down in her life, and Karen had finally given her the confidence to do something about it and stand up for herself.

Keeping her face perfectly passive and resisting the urges to both break down and swing out at Chris, the perpetrator of the chanting whose cruel laughter sounded for all the world like the jeers she had suffered in her own school life when she had still had a stutter, Holly made the decision to at least try and maintain her dignity. Reaching down for her bag, she didn’t look back as she strode calmly but purposefully from the room, refusing to let the resulting cheers overwhelm her and keeping her lips firmly pursed.

As the classroom door swung shut behind her, Holly felt an odd sense of enlightenment – almost relief. Not only was she walking out on her class, but she was walking out on her job… and yet, now that the taunts of her pupils were no longer ringing in her ears, she felt very detached from the tormented emotions she had been suffering just a second ago – like she wasn’t upset at all. She was just… calm.

Holly’s serenity was interrupted as the questioning face of Mrs Jennings, the school secretary, peered at her through her precariously-perched spectacles as the young teacher approached the only easily-accessible exit during school hours – the main office. Determined not to have her dignified exit rebuffed, Holly simply said “I’ll need someone to cover for my class” before flashing her teacher’s pass in front of the secretarial veteran’s nose; there must have been something in her face that showed some semblance of what had happened because the usually strict thin-lipped woman simply nodded curtly and pushed the button under her desk to unlock the door.

Karen, meanwhile, was busy putting to good use her (or rather, Lorraine’s) knowledge of the school’s less conventional forms of exits. She had darted after Holly just seconds after her girlfriend (she freakin’ loved that word, and was determined for it to be true despite all the obstacles) had left the room, Karen’s heart aching for the poor teacher at the amount of merciless abuse she was ashamed to know came from her classmates. Oblivious to the jeers that followed her exit, Karen hurtled down the corridor in the opposite direction to the one Holly had taken, turning left at the end of the corridor and veering right towards the art rooms. Karen was not a bad pupil and not accustomed to truancy, but all thoughts of repercussions were firmly out of her mind right now as she spotted the blandly-coloured door to a supply cupboard, within which she knew thanks to her now ex-best friend there was an old, now defunct fire exit; apparently the cupboard had once been part of a classroom.

Counting her blessings that the cupboard was unlocked, Karen slipped inside and gently manoeuvred her way past several mops and vacuum cleaners, reaching the windowless door in a few seconds. Putting her weight on the slightly rusted bar which acted as a handle, the door sprung open suddenly & daylight burst into the interior of the cupboard. Stumbling out onto the rear of the school complex, Karen quickly swung the door shut again and made her way through the building to the front gates.

The edges of her lips perked up slightly as she saw the retreating form of Holly ahead, and she quickened her pace slightly to catch her up. Her face broke into a fully-fledged smile as she grasped the woman’s hand and, to her delight, Holly responded with a smile of her own, no traces of the tear-tracks that Karen had feared on her face. They gave each other nervous grins and laughed, swinging their grasped hands slightly in content as they walked out of the gates and maybe – just maybe – into the start of something new, something amazing… and most importantly, something that could completely and genuinely be called ‘love’.


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