Lowkey left class early so I could come home and hang out with my new tarot set. Also left because I was super tired not present but my deck was calling to me all lecture and it was distracting as well. Ahhhh I’m so excited!

I was gifted with this gorgeous (and relevant ) deck today and I am super freaking stoked and proud to be able to do 2 (!!!!) Happy sticky note posts in one day for the first time ever (!!!) I’m really glad that I received my first deck at this point in my journey. I’m at such a huge shifting point in my life and self and I’m really excited that as I settle into my new energies and ways of knowing and being that this deck will be starting with me at my new foundation and growing with me. 

 Mad props to the Universe for putting the powerful and beautiful people in my life that are stepping right along with me through the hell,high water, and the happy stuff and picking up what I’m putting down (I’m looking at you Leona) <3 :) 

 I’m so grateful I think I’m going to go cry for a little bit lol. 



That is all