frank: they’re the reason you’re gonna get through this

sarah: have you found something to do that for you?



this is totally about karen

i mean after all the things they shared???? like she was the only one he was the one to seek the company???and be eager when found her wanting him to stick around??? i’m so????


blue jeans | frank & karen

i will love you til the end of time. 

Iwata Karen Google+ June 7th, 2014

Mayu-san congratulations for your 1st rank !!!;_;

Also for everyone who came to watch under the pouring rain, thank you very much 

And more than anything else, for everyone who voted for Iwata Karen

I thank you from the bottom of my heart ^_^

But forgive me

today I won’t pretend to look tough, even just a bit (laugh)

As I thought, no matter how many times, it’s hard……….. outside range。

I feel so miserable

Makes me question what’s the meaning of being here。