“Rahen na rahen hum, mehaka karenge,
ban ke kali, ban ke sabaa, bagh-e-wafa mein…”

रहें न रहें हम महका करेंगे
बन के कली, बन के सबा, बाग-ए-वफा में

Regardless of my presence, my fragrance will linger here:
as a flower, as a breeze, in the garden of faith…
—  Majrooh Sultanpuri, translation by Pratyusha Prakash

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have the Youtube links of all old and new KaJen interviews by any chance? Can you post them please. Thanks a ton in advance!!

 imma give myself a round of applause cos this actually took a lot of time and i stayed pretty patient while looking for them (until like arnd the end where i was like fk it lol) kajsdf but im never doing this again for anyone rofl

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Alex Danvers || “underneath this skin ther’s a HUMAN”

by @venus-kareng (VenusKaMG on YouTube)


“ Is ko hi jeena kehte hain to yunhi ji lenge, Uff na karenge, lab seelenge, aansu peelenge, Gham se ab ghabraana kaisa gham sau bar mila… ”

“ If this is what you call living, I will continue to live like this, I will not complain, I will seal my lips, I will wipe my tears. Why should I fear grief,any longer, it is the only thing that comes my way."    -    Lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi

Jaane woh kaise…song sequence from "Pyaasa” (1957) as suggested by @mumtaz-mahal-vevo   -   Guru Dutt, Mala Sinha and Rehman, cinematography by VK Murthy and directed by Guru Dutt   -   my screenshots


Supergirl crack  ||  ☼ SuperFamily edition ☼

by @venus-kareng (VenusKaMG on YouTube)