My smash prediction is that…

The writers put Kyle in this horrible situation so that the rest of the cast can come together around his hospital bed or grave (PLEASE DON’T BE DEAD) or whatever and realize that they need each other. It’ll bring the fighting couples together hopefully. Kyle was the perfect character because he is liked and involved with everyone, but he is not a main character.


While everyone seems overly obsessed by the fact that Karen comes off as “I can do no wrong”, I'd love to point out that while Ivy is an incredible vocalist, she cares much too much about being ON TOP. 

When Ivy didn’t get her way, what did she do? 

When Karen got the role of Marilyn, what did Ivy almost do?

And yes, while Ivy pointed out that it was out of spite and jealously, Karen has done absolutely nothing to Ivy until now.

After Ivy slept with Dev, after Ivy did everything she could do to Karen when she was lead and Karen was ensemble.

Also, Karen just got told that Bombshell was frozen and she’s left to find something else to do when she finally got that top spot, after fighting and submitting.

Karen is fabulous as Marilyn, and if you don’t agree, jump back to the final song of the Season 1 finale; “Don’t Forget About Me”.