Social Media Showdown

After we all saw Tyler’s Snaps the last few days…This had to be written.

Summary: You’re Tyler’s girlfriend and you find the girls backstage swooning over Tyler’s rather risqué posts. You decide to extract some revenge which leads to a heated (and sexy) showdown with Tyler.

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SBUK3: Saturday - Karen, Deniz and Oded Panel
  • Aladdin panel wheyyy! (x)
  • Deniz’s reaction to being cast as Aladdin : “I crapped my pants!” (x)
  • Oded does a perfect Disney Jafar/Iago conversation. Seriously perfect. (x)
  • Karen turned up to the jasmine audition in horse riding gear while everyone else was wearing gowns so she almost left the audition (x)
  • Colin thought Karen was crazy for binge watching the show after she found out she got the part (x)
  • Ask Oded about his role as Jafar! (x)
  • Oded says Hook is dreamy and when they did that scene together he would always give Oded the smoulder(x)
  • Karen said she tweeted the pic f the ham to colin because he would always ham it up in front of the camera when doing takes (x)
  • Oded: “Hook is so dreamy!” Karen: “Did Colin do ‘the smolder with you?” So much love for @colinodonoghue1 here (x)
  • Karen and colin love teasing each other on set (x)
  • Deniz would play the EQ, he likes her dresses (x)
  • #DenizAkdeniz “the evil queen” @KarenDavid “aw you took mine” #DenizAkdeniz “well I like the dresses” (x)
  • Karen’s on it today…if Oded was a biscuit he’d be a “Jaffar” cake!! (x)
  • Karen says she can’t wait to see Colin’s jig in the musical episode (x)
  • Everyone is excited to see the musical episode. Karen: “I can’t wait to see Colin’s jig!” (x)


voguebrasil; O baile do Met acontece nesta segunda-feira, em Nova York, reunindo fashionistas no tradicional tapete vermelho do Metropolitan Museum of Art. Para esquentar os motores para a grande noite da moda, que este ano celebra a abertura da exposição “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons” no Costume Institute, @mariotestino compartilhou uma série de retratos feitos nos bastidores do gala ao longo dos anos. Clique no link da bio para abrir o baú de memórias do fotógrafo peruano e entrar já no clima da festa estrelada que vem por aí! #metgala #metgala2017 #mariotestino #bailedomet