Horror Icons

Karen Cooper

from Night of the Living Dead (1968)

portrayed by Kyra Schon 

Karen Cooper has become possibly the most well known zombie from this film.  She appears on many home video covers, posters, shirts, and mostly anything that has to do with the film.  She first appears in the farmhouses basement where her mother and father are taking care of her after she was bit by one of the zombies.  She feels very sick and lays on a table throughout most of the film.  Until she finally transforms into a zombie where she attacks her father Harry as he stumbles into the basement after being shot.  She then attacks her mother Helen when she comes down with a cement trowel and then begins to eat her flesh.  She later tries to attack Ben when he is fighting off all the zombies but she is pushed aside.  Even though she does not appear that often she has become a huge part of this film.  She shows the horror of how an innocent child could be transformed into a killing monster.


A This Old House reader converted doors into a daybed!

Karen Cooper of Decatur, Georgia: “I had been searching high and low for a queen-size daybed for the guest room of my 1929 Tudor. Finally, I decided to build one myself. I got two solid-wood doors from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and cut one to fit the windowed corner of the room. I attached 2 x 4s to the doors and screwed them to a metal bed frame. The finishing touch? A coat of bright-green paint.”

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