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Headcanon that Steve actually has a ridiculously amazing stash of old comic books in his basement. He was super into them as a kid and his father dropped a bunch of money on all the best Golden Age issues. One day he shows up at the Wheeler’s house with a box in tow. Karen is slightly surprised when Steve asks if he can pop into the basement to say hi to the boys, but their excited shouting moments later makes her smile. Steve Harrington, Karen thinks to herself, is a good kid. It’s nice to have him as part of the family.


#2Chenz US Jump On It! Facebook live interview


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tvalisononset: Oh how beautiful, humble, and understanding the mesmerizing @karendavidofficial was to me after I spent 10minutes chatting with her hinting a was too scare to ask her for a photo because I didn’t want to be unprofessional. “But I’m a huge fan too!” I said. I’ll never forget she then says finally… 💥"Hey, let’s take a photo.“ ☺️ I love Karen 🎉