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I need a fanfic where Jason & Drew were raised together by the Quartermaines.  Everything still happens with Jason (car accident & brain damage, Carly & Sonny, Sam).  Drew competes with AJ and Ned for ELQ.  I’m not sure who would be with Drew, though - Karen Wexler, Keesha Ward, Courtney, Elizabeth, or someone else.  Not Robin, though - she still belongs with Patrick.  I also need Alan, Emily, and AJ to still be alive.

prov talk

   name/alias: hiiii i’m brooke!

writer favorites:

  • faceclaim: suki waterhouse is my all time fave fc but i’m a real big sucker for emma greenwell, miles teller, and elle fanning as well :)
  • muse: my 1st ever muse as a glee rp way back when that was still a thing. my favouruite types of muses are badass and broody, i like a good villain. favourite character to play is probably alecto carrow (harry potter marauders verse)
  • character: leslie knope, miranda hobbes, tina belcher, miss piggy, ilana wexler, karen walker, and of course judy hopps 

personal favorites:

  • subject/class?: european history or biology 
  • movie/show?: 10 things i hate about you / broad city
  • food/drink?: TACOS!!!! / water cuz im a lame ol dehydrated lady 

if we were to read a headline about you, what would it read?: “Woman Falls In Same Hole Twice In One Day”

what concept has piqued your interest/are you most excited to see?:  Bloom looks real spicy!!! But I think I’m most stoked for Lolly!

a gif that best describes you:

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