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Day 8 - Crooked

Now this one I struggled to come up with something for. Eventually got another suggestion from a friend. Worked out well. A bit more of a tangential interpretation of the word. But more importantly, more excuses to draw something Thrilling intent related haha!

This one was decently fun, but I’ll admit, I didn’t do nearly as much as I could have. Not really any shading in this one. Kinda needed a break today, been going super hard on all my drawings so far!

Hmmm… Maybe I’ll draw some of the Third Wheels Stream stuff. 

(Holy crap only 5 mins til midnight!)


Young Superheroes of Color in Young Justice:

Kaldur'ahm - Aqualad/Artemis Crock - Artemis/Raquel Ervin - Rocket/Karen Beecher - Bumblebee/Mal Duncan - Guardian/Jaime Reyes - Blue Beetle/Tye Longshadow - Apache Chief/Virgil Hawkins - Static/Eduardo Dorado Jr. - El Dorado/Asami Koizumi - Samurai

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hc that trans peter has days where he doesnt feel like talking, and when he's fighting crime, Karen will say some shitty one-liners that always make him laugh, and confuse the shit out of the Bad Guys (which gives Peter an advantage).

sometimes peter waits by the criminals he’s webbed up until the police arrive, mostly bc he’s trying to heal his relationship with the police and show them he’s a good guy too (probably way gooder than them actually but peter won’t push his luck)

and some days he’s just in shit moods, he’s tired and grouchy whether it be from school or dysphoria or both, and sometimes he just wants to be quiet rather than risk the weight of sound come crashing down on him. it gets overwhelming, all the new sensations firing around in his brain only amplified by his spidey sense. suddenly he understands why fidget toys are so praised, spinning them around in class and at home is one of the few things these days that can just calm him down almost instantly. it’s almost as if it can get his mind to just lull into a hypnosis full of quiet.

but he forgot his spinner at home today, and even if he didn’t he isn’t sure he would want these bank robbers to see him sitting off to the side playing with some toy while they all wait for the cops. he feels like his head is falling into an ocean of black ink.

“peter, your breathing is becoming erratic, you are beginning to hyperventilate,” karen chimes happily. she’s in his suit so he’s the only one who can hear her, but he forgets that and speaks to her loudly as if she’s sat right next to him

“i think i’m going to have a meltdown or a panic attack or something everything feels so loud and bright and –”

“peter, you will be okay,” karen supplies, the same calm and cheery tone. “the authorities are only 2 minutes and 57 seconds away, until then i ask that you focus on my voice. in addition, i shall supply more oxygen to the inside of your suit.”

peter instantly felt a rush of cool air stream over his face, and his mind became slightly clearer. slightly. “okay, karen, just talk to me.” he didn’t notice the webbed up criminals gawking at him wondering if he was crazy, he tried to gather all his haywire thoughts and focus them all on karen. he’s thankful for her, she tries this sort of thing a lot and while she isn’t the best at it he will always appreciate it. over time karen has become almost like an artificial sister or cousin

“knock knock”

peter huffed. “really, karen?”

“knock knock,” karen said more persistently

“who’s there?”


peter groaned, laughing slightly. he didn’t notice that his chest no longer felt as tight. “oh my god. orange who?”

“the orange is the fruit of the citrus species citrus crossed sinensis in the family rutaceae. it is also called sweet orange, to distinguish it from the related citrus crossed aurantium, referred to as bitter orange.”

peter burst out laughing, not really because it was funny but because karen said it all without even a chuckle

“karen you’re so lame, i know you can tell jokes!”

“it is important to have a balanced supply of humor and information on citrus fruits, peter”

peter rolled onto his side on the dirty pavement, chuckling and feeling immensely exhausted – but he felt okay enough to get home

when the cops arrive the criminals don’t put up a fight or even make a fuss, they just climb into the back of the police car muttering “anything is better than being around that kid and his imaginary friend, thank god you got here”

Kastle Tangled AU

“I’ve made the decision to trust you.”
“A horrible decision, really.”


Karen Chen earned a 72.82 for her short program, which is the highest ever for the ladies’ short program at US Nationals.

The fact that so many ppl blamed season 2 of Daredevil’s problems on Karen Page as if it wasn’t Elektra who turned Matt into a dumb careless reckless bich within the first two seconds of contact is so bizarre to me. I legit saw more ppl criticize Karen just for existing than the fact that Elektra abused and manipulated Matt to the point where he put his friends and then girlfriend in danger, and no one particularly cared for either ship reasons or because ppl ignore abuse and manipulation when the male is on the receiving end.

And then to accept or pass it off as love…lol…y'all was bugging. I find Elektra to be cunning but I quickly grew tired of her for this reason. She disrupted the flow of the show and disrupted the behavior of the characters I came to love, to the point where it was cringey and embarrassing and the show wasn’t enjoyable anymore and that’s just not the wave for me.

Between the gaggle of kastle and mattelektra stans convoluting what happened onscreen to justify shipping them, somehow Karen was the problem or somehow Matt was the problem and somehow Karen is better off with Frank because he treats her better than Matt (say no to drugs) and Matt is better off with Elektra for god knows why (prolly more for aesthetics than not), and karedevil is a bad thing for reasons I’ve yet to understand, season 2 of Daredevil produced major tomfoolery in the fandom. Major.