karen vick

Things often said in Psych

I’ve heard it both ways.
You know that’s true.
*singing* suck iiiiiit
*angrily calling people Jack*
*confusing hushed whispers then…* Fine!
Did my eyes just see what my brain is telling my eyes just saw?
Hello! I am Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer and this is my partner, *not Gus’ real name*
I would rather *something totally illogical and ridiculous*
Come on, son.
This is like that scene in *movie name* where I’m *main actor* and you’re *black supporting actor*
You must be outta your damn mind!
Stop making up words, Gus.
Did you hear about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?
It’s semantics/It’s not semantics

There’s a theory going around that Chief Vick knows that Shawn isn’t psychic but chooses to overlook it because of how good he is at solving crime.

I have the same theory!!!!! and think about it - it totally tracks: when Shawn’s picture in the paper led to her getting made official Chief of Police in the end of season 2 and all the times she put up with Shawn’s stupid silliness because she KNEW he could solve it. thnk about the Yin Yang episodes - she tells Henry that Shawn is the only chance they have of catching Yang. And when Trout shows up and she’s on leave she says that if she goes down for what she did as Chief, that “It’s a sword I’m happy to fall on”. it’s like she’s OWNING responsibility for what she did when she hired Shawn and Gus. I can’t be the only one who wants to know exactly what she and Henry talked about in her office in the Pilot episode. My guess is that she asked Henry if he thought Shawn could solve cases. And I think Henry said yes. Because remember at the end of the Pilot when Henry tells Shawn that he’s not okay with Shawn’s pretending, and then Shawn sees the newspaper in his truck that has the article about his first solved case.
Did everyone get that? Cuz I think I just blew my own mind.