karen sherman

The wait is finally over! #Tremontaine season 3 is here and we can all inhale @ellenkushner‘s episode one as one would savor a cup of delectable hot chocolate. Don’t miss any episodes: bit.ly/tremontaine


For @bedannibal-lectaurier :-D Karen Lord, Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner oh and me with the TeamDuchess sign. ^^ Isn’t it wonderful? They are the sweetest, most beautiful and charmingly theatrical people. The card Karen Lord is holding is one she signed for me, it reads: “to (my name) of Team Duchess from Karen ( Team Vincent!!)”
I am hereby sending lots of love and respect to Team Vincent. Thank you so much! And thank you fellow Team Duchess for the fun assignments this con.
I am so curious for season 3, and so very certain I will love it.