karen reynolds

Alexander, Maria and The Great Fuckup of 1791

Mulligan is fun
Lafayette is crazy
Maria is plain
Angelica is fierce
Alexander is a slut
Laurens is hot
Washington is old-school
Burr is good (?????)
Philip is (dead) and Eliza isn’t here (she’s taking a break and burning ur shit)
And what about And Peggy?

If only Hamilton had been as oblivious as Usnavi
  • Maria Reynolds: Now, what can I say or do to possibly repay you for your kindness?
  • Alexander Hamilton: ...How do you get this gold shit off?
the signs are relatable hamilton moments

Aries: *looks at empty pizza box* I will never be satisfied

Taurus: writes (essays at the last minute) like they’re running out of time

Gemini: Fuuuuuuuuu

Cancer: o shit

Leo: why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room (me @ my classmates)

Virgo: the fact that you’re alive is a miracle

Libra: whaaaaaaaaa

Scorpio: I made every mistake

Sagittarius: eliza’s scream at the end of stay alive reprise

Capricorn: talk less,,,,,

Aquarius: and peggy

Pieces: dAMN