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Betty and Pepper bonding thanks to their boyfriends friendship

Pepper admiring Betty’s succeful career and how she’s still the sweetest woman in the world

Betty being introduced to the other girls on Pepper’s birthday party

Natasha getting a little jelous of Pepper’s new friend because nO SHE’S MY BESTIE, MINE

Pepper telling Natasha that she’s still her best friend

Natasha introducing Laura Barton and Wanda Maximoff to the girls

All of them admiring and respecting Laura’s decision of be a mom, some of them expressing interest on the idea or just not

Wanda trying not to seem childish with them, Darcy making her laugh and enjoy the company

Jane and Betty talking about their pats on their careers and areas

Natasha and Wanda talking in sokovian and russian when they are alone or with the boys in the team (and they just kind of what ‘till Bucky joy them and just smiles when he hears them and swears never say anything)

The girls having nights and weekends just for themselfs and talking for hours about everything and anything

Maria and Natasha introducing Sharon to the others

Karen slowly joining the conversation when she, Matt and Foggy get invated to a party in the tower for the first time

Darcy and Karen talking about law and politics 

Karen finally meeting Claire after discovering Matt is Daredevil

While training with guns thanks to Maria’s idea that they should know how to defend theirselfs, they all notice Karen is confortable with guns and have actual good shoots

On a girls night, Nat opens up a little about her past and her old desire of becoming a mom. Betty and Laura being supportive for her while the others trys to make her laugh

Darcy actually making Natasha laugh histerically

Karen saying we all have secrets and dark yesterdays and everyone noticed they don’t know shit about Karen’s past

Betty talking about how she felt when Bruce left and Pepper talking about how she felt when Tony was kidnaped

Claire teaching everyone first aids and how to sewing a wound since their lifes will never get normal again

Karen and Claire visiting Ben’s wife and taking care of her with Matt and Foggy

Laura letting Clint take care of the kids in order to travel for some days with the girls since Jane, Betty and Pepper are going to be part of an event about feminism and all of them have been inviting

Natasha taking nena Barton and Cassie Lang to ballet lessons 

Sharon introducing the girls to auntie Peggy and auntie Angie, Nat and Maria being nervous becuase tHIS IS PEGGY CARTER FOR CHRIST SAKE

Hope getting to know the girls thanks to her asshole not-blood-related-cousin Tony and her relationship with Peggy’s sons and Sharon’s siblings 

Betty, Pepper, Hope, Darcy and Thor haging out together while Bruce, Tony, old man Hank and Jane do science stuff on Tony’s workshop 

Wanda (and Pietro) playing with Cassie Lang and nena Barton between trainings 

Jane braiding everyone’s hair on a girl’s night because Thor and Sif teached her how to

Sif teaching Jane how to fight with swords

Darcy laughing her ass off when she read on Cosmo that Thor, Tony and Bruce are ‘trofy husbands’ to succesfull and badass Jane, Pepper and Betty (and then Tony decides to make himself a pin that reads ‘proud trofy husband’ because yes, he is)



INFJ : Steve Rogers / Captain America

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INTJ : Matt Murdock / Daredevil

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ENFJ : Phil Coulson 

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ENTJ : Nick Fury

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ENTP : Tony Stark / Iron Man

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ENFP : Sam Wilson / The Falcon

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INTP : Bruce Banner / Hulk

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INFP : Wilson Fisk / Kingpin

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ISFJ : Clint Barton / Hawkeye

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ISTJ : Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

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ESFJ : Karen Page

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ESTJ : James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes / War Machine

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ESTP : Thor Odinson

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ISTP : Gamora 

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ISFP : Scott Lang / Ant-Man

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ESFP : Peter Quill / Star Lord

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scream 2x02

so I watched the episode and it was soooo good

I no longer trust anyone they’re all shady af

while watching the episode I noticed a few things, a lot of them don’t really make sense but here they are:

  1. Brooke: so Brooke was there with Emma at the house when she found those creepy pictures and when Emma went back with her mom, they were gone. So is it possible that maybe Brooke went back to take them down/ hide them before Emma returned? Later during school, when Brooke was asked about the house and the pictures, she said that Emma was possibly hallucinating it or something along those lines. I know that there isn’t any proof, but maybe there is a possibility i don’t know????
  2. Kieran; I’m not sure about this exactly but when ‘the lakewood six’ minus Jake were talking about Jake, Kieran mentioned that his parents were out of the country. Now, I am not too sure about this but I don’t recall Jake ever mentioning his parents were away, but i might be wrong so please correct me. But my question was, how did Kieran know his parents weren’t home?  Another thing is when Sheriff Acosta showed up at Kieran’s house and mentioned that his neighbours filed a noise complaint. what??why??? this got me thinking. We don’t know what Kieran was doing while Emma was away but I doubt he threw a lot of parties. In 2x01, we see ‘the lakewood six’ together at Kieran’s house, and there is no way they made THAT much noise that his neighbours would involve the police. SO, either his neighbours are weird or Kieran has been doing some things that the squad don’t know about. Another thing, Emma asked Kieran to go to the dock with him saying he is the only one she’d like to be there with. I know this isn’t much proof, since Kieran is the only person Emma trusts so it would make sense to only want him but still I can’t help but think that maybe there were two meanings to what she said.
  3. Zoe; she mentioned to Emma, that she had a lot going on and that she had been through some stuff in the past, so I am excited to see where his is going and will it lead to something more important than we think?
  4. I noticed that there was a lot of animal imagery throughout this episode, especially by the teacher, Karen Lang. She mentioned “zebra” and “lizard” and I know this is stupid but maybe it’s something important???i don’t know? Also another thing with the teacher, she’s super shady with recording her conversation with Emma, I don’t get it at all but I think that she is doing it for someone. In another scene in this episode, we saw Noah record the guy Eddie from the motel, so is that somehow connected? or is recording conversation just a thing everyone does now.
  5. Eli; ok so he’s shady af. He doesn’t even go to the school and he doesn’t even live in Lakewood, yet he shows up at Emma’s locker being shady af. It was obvious he wanted her attention, and he got it. Eli also managed to persuade his mom to move to Lakewood and i don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that it’s not just to protect Kieran.
  6. Gustavo; he is obsessed with ‘the lakewood six’ and he even numbered them. So far we know that Jake was Six, Brooke is Four, and Noah is Three. Now, i don’t know if this is important whatsoever but I am not letting this drop just yet, like, what does he base them on, it doesn’t make much sense to me so i am very interested to see what’s up with that. Also, I doubt that this is true, since it’s pretty obvious, but as soon as Brooke turned away from him, she received a reply from dead Jake, and previously we seen Gustavo typing a message, but to me that is a bit too obvious so I highly doubt that Gustavo was the one that text Brooke from Jake’s phone.
  7. Emma’s dad; ok what? We don’t know if he is real. After all, Emma was the only one who saw him but he seemed pretty real. He’s super shady obviously, like after your daughter gets stalked and attacked you don’t follow her around in a car and creep her out just because you don’t know how to approach her c’mon man. There is definitely something not right.
  8. Audrey; again super shady, but i think it would be too obvious if she was the accomplice that Noah and Eddie are talking about. I do believe she was involved in something with Piper but i don’t think she has committed any murders or whatever, the writers are making her look too guilty for that to be the case.
  9. Noah; he seems to be getting into this case more and more but that isn’t anything new. But, something that I noticed is when he was talking to Audrey after he finished talking to the Eddie guy from the motel. Noah used terms like “spilling his guts” (how clark hudson was killed) and “froze” (Brooke was locked in a freezer and was stabbed- maybe how the killer wanted her to die) now I don’t know if this is a coincidence but, then again, there are no coincidences in a murder tv show.

That’s all of the things I found weird or not right in this episode. Please feel free to comment on some of my points or tell me about some of the things you have noticed, I am really so very fascinated by all of your theories thank you!