karen jorge

Finally, Nail Art at Miami's Fingertips

I’ve been looking for someone in Miami who does out-of-the-box nail art for a year and thanks to Nailed–It Blogger and artist Karen Jorge my search is officially over.The 20-year-old junior at Florida International University and I met on Tumblr and after seeing her designs which run the gamut from Hello Kitty to Harry Potter to bows and eerie blood drops, I had to get an appointment with her. I met up with Jorge who is a pre med student and chatted her up on how she got into nail art, why she is the only one in the city doing it and what her future goal is in the beauty biz. Plus, of course, I got lacquered up with my favorite character: Hello Kitty and got some berry action on my fingertips.

A BERRY GOOD IDEA: I couldn’t make up my mind so Jorge suggested mixing up both looks. Ah, if only it was permanent.


How did you get into nail art? I started two years ago. It was a Disney trip that inspired it. I did Minnie Mouse nails on myself. My friends loved it and after that I started doing their nails. I do all ages. My youngest client has been 3-years-old.

What kind of polish do you use and what kinds of designs do you do? I use all types of polish. The paint doesn’t matter. It ranges from candy stripes to rhinestones to cupcakes. My motto is your nails are a canvas. I can create anything on them.

Really? What’s the craziest request you’ve gotten? I painted Harry Potter nails on my best friend for the movie’s premier.

What’s your most popular design? Hello Kitty, bows and school notes where you can actually write notes on the nails.

How long does it take to get them done and how long do they last? Typically, it takes around 30 minutes, but it depends on the design. It can last up to two weeks if you apply a top coat every few days.

How much does it cost for nail art? $20 and up depending on how intricate the design is.

SHE NAILED IT: Karen Jorge working on a client at the Bold&Beautiful event.

My friend Maria Arguello introduced me to “out-of-the-box” nail art last year when she sent me a picture of a girl with strawberry nails. The girl got them done in London, but we’ve been looking for someone in Miami forever. Are you the only one who does them? I haven’t seen anyone out here. There are people that do it at their house, but I haven’t seen a business. I think it has to do with the fact that it takes a long time.

What’s next ? I’d love to establish a location and as far as designs I’ve already ventured into Kawaii. It’s 3D nail art. It’s from Japan.

THE 411: To book an appointment with Karen Jorge call her at 786.506.0389 and check out her work on nailed–it.tumblr.com