karen johnston

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I'm not the original anon, but I think that quote about Karen is from one of her album liner notes, maybe IYD or 24k.

Yes!!! It’s in from the “In Your Dreams” liner notes. Thank you so much, anon. ♥

“And last but not least… To Karen Johnston-(My assistant of 23 years) I compare her to the great Welsh queen Rhiannon ~ For saving my world again and again, her complete loyalty and energy is legendary; when the world tells me no-she tells me yes~and starts making plans~”

I love it!


Anon request: pictures of Karen Johnston, Stevie’s wonderful assistant since 1990. 

As I was looking at these pictures, I tried so hard to remember one of my favorite Stevie quotes, it’s something along the lines of “When the world tells me no” or “When everyone tells me no, she tells me yes and starts making calls.” She was talking about Karen and I can’t for the life of me, remember where it’s from. Can anyone help me?

→ The fourth picture was taken by Marlene Stemme and found on tumblr. Credit is intact in the picture.