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Frank castle: *is perfectly capable of taking care of himself*
Me: my little baby needs to be protected he’s too good for this world he’s a precious little man he needs to be held he must be taken care of at all costs

House Hunting

request: Ur writing rocks my socks off!!! I was wondering if you could write one where they’re engaged and they’re house hunting and they find the perfect one and it’s all cute and stuff

a/n: it’s short but i couldn’t think of what else to put sorry :( 

You scrolled through the listings on a website Shawn’s mom sent you, while Shawn was in the kitchen making something for lunch. “What’re you doing?” Your fiancé asked, grabbing two glasses from the cabinet.

“Just looking at some listings that your mom sent me. Some of them look pretty nice.” You smiled as he set the plates on the table, “Thanks.”

“Anytime, baby.” Shawn stood behind you, and looked at the site. “That one looks really nice. Where is it?” He asked, and you moved your chair over so he could sit next to you.

“Only like fifteen minutes from your parents’ house. Decent backyard- ooh! And there’s an open house this weekend! We should go!” You patted Shawn on the shoulder, excited to find a house you both like. House hunting had been rather uneventful- you’d find a house you like, but Shawn wouldn’t, and vise versa.

Saturday came, and you, Shawn, and Karen were heading over to the house to see inside. “Remind me again why my mom is coming?” Shawn asked, looking at you.

“She knows more about this stuff than we do, Shawn. And besides, you know you want your mom to approve of the house we’re gonna live in. Maybe raise a family in.” You smirked, jogging to catch up with Karen.

The singer laughed as he raced to meet you, entering the house. “The living room is right through that doorway, and the kitchen is straight down that hall. There are three living rooms and two baths upstairs, as well as a small laundry area in the finished basement.” The young realtor spoke, emphasizing the fact that the basement was finished.

“Thanks,” Karen smiled, walking into the living room while you and Shawn went upstairs. You peeked in each of the bedrooms, thinking about what they would look like with furniture inside.

“So,” Shawn spoke, intertwining your hands. “When you said maybe raise a family, what exactly did you mean?” He asked.

You walked into the master bedroom and looked at the attached bathroom. “What do you think I meant, babe? I meant that I want to have kids with you, dummy.” You walked back down the steps and met up with Karen, who smiled. “I like this place.”

“Me, too. I think it’s perfect for you and Shawn. A good first house.” She nodded, going to find the realtor.

Nearly a month later, you and Shawn had finally gotten the keys to the place. You were giddy, as you and Shawn got out of the Jeep and unlocked the door. Shawn twisted the door knob and stepped inside, you following. “It’s perfect.”

“It is,” He agreed, wrapping his arms around you. “I’m happy we got this one.”

“Yeah, me too.”

a/n: oh my god i love the fluff. send me all of the fluffy prompts 


My amazing friend, yumelacquer, has SERIOUSLY outdone herself this time.  She’s just released a completely new collection of Harvest Moon inspired polishes and matching glitter toppers!  Each polish in the ‘Crops Rule Everything Around Me’ collection is inspired by one of the bachelorettes:  Ann, Elli, Karen, Mary/Maria, and Popuri <3. 

These colors are just too perfect for summer, I’m kind of dying over ‘Library Leaflet’ (neon green).  The colors in the collection are named (following the photos, top to bottom):

  • Daydream at the Inn with matching topper Orange Cup Flower
  • Caretaker with Blue Mist Flower
  • Vintage Wine with Toy Flower
  • Library Leaflet with Bamboo Shoots
  • Flower Girl with Pink Cat Mint Flower

You can check them out at Yume Lacquer on Etsy!

Right now, she also has a sale running:  ‘Getting a set of 5? Save $10 with coupon “HMSET.” Getting all 10? Save $20 with “HMSET2″ and as always, enjoy free shipping within the U.S. on all orders over $25 with “FREESHIP25.”‘

Today is passing-fanciful’s birthday, and as a surprise, killians-dimples and this-too-too-sullied-flesh have combined smutty forces to write her a gift. Tell her happy birthday, and we hope you enjoy this story about a pirate and the man who gave himself up for a ship and a chance at vengeance.

The Pirate and the Prince


Well, now you’ve gone and done it, your highness.

Killian stepped aboard the Jewel of the Realm, the jaunty yellow paint filling him with fondness and just a touch of bitterness, the latter of which he directed at the woman standing near the helm.

She was beautiful; he wondered how he’d never had occasion to meet her in the decade or so since he’d been sailing with the royal fleet. When news reached his ears that the stolen galleon had been sighted just off the coast of Glowerhaven, he’d set sail right away, determined to reclaim his parents’ flagship and exact vengeance on the filthy blackguards who killed his brother and the heir to the throne of Misthaven.

This was hardly going as expected, however; he never thought he’d be bested by a pirate, let alone the most glorious and intriguing woman he’d ever had occasion to meet.

“Do we have a bargain, then, Captain?” she taunted, traces of mockery coloring the curl of her lips a delightful shade of irritating. She raised a brow, challenging him. He knew that his entire crew was looking on and looking toward him for guidance, their hands resting atop their hilts, ready to defend their leader and their prince. He had to be strong, to set an example. And to not allow this traitorous woman to learn his true identity.

“Done,” he said, pressing his lips together and stepping forward to offer his hand. The insouciant roll of her hips as she pushed off the wheel where she’d been leaning called out to him, but he quashed the feeling. Captain Jones of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy was a gentleman, even if Prince Killian was something of a cad. When she held out her hand to seal the deal, something about the arrogant set of her shoulders irked him, and before their hands touched, he spit in his palm and raised his gaze, meeting her eyes in challenge with a cocked eyebrow of his own.

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