karen is my fav


“I just wonder, I think I’ve always wondered, where that strength comes from. That dignity and grace, that you have put on in the face of everything that’s happened in your life. Because I really wanna be that kind of person someday."…"You already are Brooke Davis, you’ve come further than anyone I know.”

All i know about the Monogatari Series

Araragi: Perverted half-vampire who monologues a lot.

Senjougahara: Keeps school supplies up her skirt. Also, Koyokoyo.

Hanekawa: Big tits. Has a fursona.

Kanbaru: Gay monkey that can shoot hoops. Also, KANBARU SURUGA DAAAAAAAA

Shinobu: Loli vampire who likes donuts.

Nadeko: Closet pervert snake god who writes manga.

Hachikuji: Snail loli who is always molested by Araragi. Is great at tounge twisters.

Karen: Likes to go fast. Toothbrush scene with Araragi is filth.

Tsukihi: Does the kawaii as fuck hand dance thingy in the OP.

Sodachi: Likes math. Really likes math.

Ougi: Sleeve dickings.

Yotsugi: Yey peace peace.

anonymous asked:

nobody will ever love anything as much as charlie loves karedevil

I sent myself this

I don’t know

what you’re talking about

He clearly doesn’t love karedevil

Ew love them? What’s that!

also the fact that to the answer what makes matt happy, Charlie’s first response is KAREN

Charlie’s a total shipper and adore them, cherish them and worship them to infinity and beyond


 Karedevil week || Day three- favourite comic moment

In the end, it wasn’ worth arguing about. The way you said:
“I think we should be very proud of what he did today”
I forgot all about the Fantastic Four and what they thought.

                                                                        - Daredevil: Yellow