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You get one free pass. This, was it. You do not get another. Like it or not, you are the famous child of the most famous man on earth. And it may not be fair and it may not be right and it’s definitely sexist - if you were a boy they’d be giving you high-fives. But you’re not. So your knees are gonna have to stay together. 


Mellie: If you could tell me that you had sex with those two boys because it made you happy, because you wanted to, because you felt empowered and turned on… Karen, I am your mother so inside I am having a tiny seizure, still I would try hard to be supportive and happy for you. I don’t think that’s why you did it, I think that you were sad, I think you were feeling numb, I think you thought feeling something was better than feeling nothing. I think your brother died right in front of you, which means… you get one free pass. This was it, you do not get another.

100 Reasons Why I Hate Shonda Rhimes

From a former Scandal fan. Inspired by @eaudrey35 ’s SR post and the upcoming 100th episode.

1. Calls herself a titan
2. Using words like “shocking” and “groundbreaking” to describe things that aren’t
3. How Stephen, Harrison, and James were written off the show
4. “Who can resist [Scoot Fuckery]?”
5. Black woman auctioned off during black history month
6. Mellie’s faux feminism
7. Mellie “earning” and “deserving” everything
8. Domestic abuser is still love interest
9. Rude to fans
10. Doesn’t care what fans want to see and not see
11. Jealous of KW and Olitz
12. B613 forever and ever
13. Saying Olivia is on a journey
14. 509
15. “At Last” bait and switch
16. Wrote a self help book
17. Thinks women can’t have both love and career
18. Everyone slutshaming Olivia
19. Mellivia AKA more faux feminist b.s.
20. Making it the Joke and Mellie show
21. Joke putting OP in a concussion
22. Joke choking OP
23. Joke slutshaming OP
24. Huck choking OP
25. Joke breaking in to molest OP
26. Reusing storylines
27. Saying Fitz didn’t have a right to know abt the abortion
28. Karen Grant statutory rape sex tape
29. Using Olitz to promote show
30. OP not in therapy
31. Using sex as a plot twist
32. OP busting her ass for Mellie
32. OP went from being a fixer to incompetent
33. Spent years putting Rowan in jail to break him out 8 seconds later
34. Making Rowan a regular
35. Making Joke a regular
36. Creating an atmosphere where her actors feel comfortable disrespecting fans
37. Having a line of candles
38. Trying to be Alias
39. Torture porn with Huck and Quinn
40. Introduces plots and then never addresses them again (Huck’s fam, Fitz’s suicide attempt)
41. Characters have no consistency
42. OP throwing the ring at Fitz
43. OP getting on that plane
44. Blaming Drumph for having to change storylines
45. Blaming KW pregnancy for a shortened season
46. Pretending to care abt OP
47. OP beating a disabled man to death
48. OP acting like reality show trash with Vanessa and Abby (season 6)
49. Making KW look crazy with bad wigs and bad clothes (season 6)
50. Retconning the entire plot that fans loved and fought for in season 1
51. OP chasing weak ass abusive peen when she and Fitz used to breath in sync
52. Fauxlivia Rhimes
53. Shitting on TG
54. Creating an angry toxic fandom
55. Is obsessed with SF
55. Backtracks when questioned
56. Given awards for everything
57. Ego the size of Texas
58. Shitting on Fitz
59. Taking credit for everything
60. ‘I don’t tell you how to act so don’t tell me how to write’
61. ‘If you don’t like it don’t watch it’
62. ‘Don’t tweet me your crazy’
63. Not caring that representation matters in the portrayal of black characters
64. “Bitch Baby”
65. Stole fanfic
66. Lowered Fitz to prop up Joke
67. Lowered OP to prop up Mellie
68. Made everyone yell at Fitz
69. Made OP a hoe
70. Made Fitz a hoe
71. Did everything she could to make us hate Olitz
72. Called Olitz a crazy cult
73. Put OP on her knees in a dirty bathroom
74. Misrepresented PTSD
75. Added rape backstory to create sympathy for Mellie
76. Joke needing to be saved 8000 times
77. Not having OP report on who put her in a concussion
78. Joke not dying during 8000 opportunities
79. Joke killing James
80. Mellie/Huck killing a busload full of ppl
81. Joke killing his father in law
82. Making Vanessa nuts to create sympathy for Joke
83. No one gets a happy relationship
84. Everyone wanting to bang David Rosen
85. Having to see too much of the cast shirtless
86. Using the assassination trope 2x even though there hadn’t been an actual pres assassination in over 50 years
87. Killing a Latino peotus
88. Making Cyrus an over the top gay villain (representation again)
89. Unprofessional crush on SF
90. Destroyed a black woman lead for SF
91. Wants to suck SF mediocre dick so bad
92. Hired SF wife for GA
93. Has whole backstory ep for Joke to evoke sympathy (but only pokes more potholes in Fitz/Joke/Pete friendship)
94. Has to have so much dirt on ABC for them to put up with her B.S.
95. Fucks over fans
96. Does not care abt fans ie ratings
97. Got lucky but thinks she’s a genius
98. Makes me angry whenever I think abt her
99. Full of shit
100. Did I mention scooter fuckstain baldspot nonuts no talent?
Did I miss anything? 🤗🤗🤗

Edited to add: just realized it was @vitalinae who wrote the original post…thank you!

Started off shipping Karedevil, still like them but also ended up being into Kastle and Matt/Elektra. 

Started off shipping Skyeward, still like them but also ended up being into Static Quake. 

Time to accept my life as a multishipper  ¯\_()_/¯. 


requested by @vera-invenire

This got longer than I meant it to

I’ve seen some posts about the different ways Matt and Frank protect Karen from gunfire. So I thought I would re-watch the scenes and see what I found. The first thing I want to point out is that this is in the same episode (The Man in the Box), which is definitely not a coincidence. One shooting is at the beginning of the episode and the other at the end, like bookends. THIS IS IMPORTANT. This is a signal that we’re supposed to be paying attention, and comparing these two scenes.

Both Matt and Frank hear something before the shooting starts. Both of the them consider Karen the priority to protect, but as other’s have pointed out, they have two different methods of doing so. 

Matt pushes Foggy to the side to ensure he’s safe, but he physically tackles Karen to the ground with one arm around her. Now, he also puts himself between the gunfire and Karen, but it should be noted that there is also a desk to stop or slow the bullets. He also doesn’t cover her head, she covers it herself with her own arms.

And then there’s Frank. The first thing Frank does after hearing whatever he hears is to knock the gun out of Karen’s hands, but he does it as he’s tackling her. Then he covers her entire body, including her head. Unlike with Matt, there is no barrier between them and the bullets and you can see that Frank’s not wearing body armor. And Frank is also protecting her from shrapnel, Matt leaves half of Karen vulnerable to blowback (granted not as dangerous as bullets, but still). Frank is willing to take ALL the damage, whatever it might be.

These two scenes are like those spot the difference pictures. So why? Why should we be paying attention to this? I think that it’s because we’re supposed to be paralleling Matt and Frank, not just in the way they fight crime, but with their relationships with Karen. And I would argue that’s the biggest theme we’re supposed to focus on. By the end of the season Frank pushes Karen away and Matt tells her (or rather shows her) that he’s Daredevil. Frank does it to keep Karen safe, Matt does it because he needs her to understand him, which, while unintentional, draws her further into danger.

So Frank wants what’s best for Karen, even if that means sacrificing himself. Matt will protect Karen from danger, but is not willing to let go of her completely. He doesn’t want to be alone, even after what happened with Elektra and Foggy. He wants understanding and acceptance, even to the detriment of others. That, to me, is the biggest difference between Frank and Matt. They both care about Karen, but Frank has learned from his loss. He knows he can’t always protect her and that she would be safer without him. Matt’s loss has only made him want to draw her closer, to have another Elektra, someone he can be himself with.

Matt sees Karen as his one light in the dark, not noticing that she holds her own darkness, protecting her in the midst of danger instead of trying to keep her out of danger entirely. Frank SEES Karen. He says as much in the diner scene. He sees the hint of darkness there and he doesn’t flinch. Matt loves the IDEA of Karen. 

Honestly, either way the writers go it should be interesting. I just don’t think they would spend so much time on Frank and Karen, to have that shot of her looking up at him, if it were truly over. I hate HATE love triangles. HATE. I cannot accurately describe my hatred for love triangles. But I think it’ll be what they did this season, more of a compare and contrast. Any way it goes, I can’t wait!