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10 Fictional Characters I Would Kiss

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1. Stiles Stilinski

2. Lydia Martin

3. Peter Parker

4. Allison Argent

5. Minho

6. Amelia Pond

7. Scott McCall

8. Jessica Jones

9. Harry Potter

10. Robb Stark

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Here’s a tiny sample of my photos – not especially good because it was nigh impossible to get good seats without being VIP (and it wasn’t until Sunday I figured out the best camera setting lol), but not too bad! We saw:

an Eve Myles Q&A
a Karen Gillan & Caitlin Blackwood Q&A
a Hayley Atwell Q&A
a Billie Piper Q&A
and “an evening with the Doctor Who companions”, which featured Billie, Karen, Caitlin and for some reason Eve

My latest work about Teen Wolf.
I just realised that I wanted do to something like “Next Generation”, and.. Well THIS happened.