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Tsa anime characters that are a lot older than they look

Aries: Kyousuke Hyoubu - Age 85

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Taurus: Vash the Stampede - Age 150+

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Gemini: Van Hohenheim - Age 450

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Cancer: Frau - Age 1000+

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Leo: Tomoe - Age 600+

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Virgo: Sesshomaru - Age 200+

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Libra: Alucard - Age 568

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Scorpio: Ferid Bathory - Age (approximately) 2000

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Sagittarius: Rory Mercury - Age 961

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Capricorn: Sebastian Michaelis - Age Unknown (at least 100; probably much more)

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Aquarius: Zeref Dragneel - Age 400+

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Pisces: Cadis Etrama Di Raizel - Age Unknown (assumed 2000+)

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plot ;;

     - the mikaelson find out from freya they have a brother, benjamin mikaelson, when she finds out he is the link, the heart to the mikaelsons’ powers and immortality. they set out to find him when a vengeful vampire by the name of delmira magnilda threatens to find and kill him, weakening the mikaelsons and making them vulnerable to an attack on them and everyone they care about. benjamin is now living as ben michaels in washington state with a wittch, miralya, trusted to protect him. ben is completely unaware of who and what he really is and what he can do; he doesn’t even know how much power he actually holds. the mikaelsons must find and reveal the truth to ben before delmira finds him and ends them all.

characters ;;

     - austin butler as benjamin “ben” michaels / benjamin mikaelson

     - karen fukuhara as trina lin

     - sophie cookson as miralya beaudoux / mira beau

     - joseph morgan as klaus mikaelson

     - daniel gillies as elijah mikaelson

     - claire holt as rebekah mikaelson

     - nathaniel buzolic as kol mikaelson

     - riley voelkel as freya mikaelson

     - charles michael davis as marcel gerard

other characters ;;

     - phoebe tonkin as hayley marshall

     - steven krueger as josh rozsa

     - elizabeth hurley as delmira magnilda

     - adrian pasdar as dagon

     - rila fukushima as chiyo amaya

     - luke pasqualino as franco gian

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Final thoughts on Gangsta and Studio Manglobe:

Despite starting off very promising, Gangsta’s finale has rung throughout the anime community as the final death knell of Studio Manglobe. As the series progressed, it became apparent Manglobe was unable to continue producing the high-octane action the first four episodes gave us. The animation quality continued to dip and the story became more erratic before inconclusively signing off in the middle of an arc. At the time of this posting, Manglobe employees have stated that the studio has gone bankrupt and are now seeking work.

Over the course of 11 years, Manglobe mantra has always been about experimentation and western appeal. Their first and most popular work among western audiences, Samurai Champloo, personifies this quality best. Other shows like Ergo Proxy and Michiko to Hatchin continued this trend over the years despite financial failure after failure. Out of 16 series, only one broke 4,000 units sold. Many of these shows remain as some of my most memorable anime experiences. And I hope that they will be remembered long after Manglobe closes its doors.

(2004) Samurai Champloo

(2006) Ergo Proxy

(2008) Michiko to Hatchin

(2009) Seiken no Blacksmith

(2010) Saraiya Goyou

(2010) The World God Only Knows

(2011) The World God Only KnowsII


(2011) Mashiro-iro Symphony

(2012) Hayate no Gotoku! 

(2013) Zettai Karen Children 

(2013) Karneval

(2013) Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties

(2013) The World God Only Knows: Goddesses

(2013) Samurai Flamenco

(2015) GANGSTA.

(2015) Genocidal Organ - Coming this November

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UPI Spotlight: Melissa McBride (12/Feb/2016)
  • Karen Butler: Do you get why so many fans are hoping for a Carol and Daryl romance?
  • Melissa McBride: They do have a chemistry. They have a natural bond. They share similarities from where they came from. ... It's obvious. It's in the words. It's in the scenes that they play out. Also, there's the chemistry that a portion of the audience resonates with and I think they want it solidified, what they imagine in their minds to be or hope for. They would like that to be solidified somehow in a more tangible way or in a way that's more evident.
  • KB: There's something to be said for a slow boil...
  • MMB: For some. And, for others, it's frustrating, but that is the nature of storytelling. They're feeling something and they want something and they anticipate something and sometimes it happens when you turn the page and sometimes you turn the page and it didn't happen. I don't know what the answer is. It hasn't happened, but that is the nature of storytelling and entertaining and one's imagination and it's very different for everyone how to interpret things. And that's, I think, the beauty of it all.
  • [http: //www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/TV/2016/02/12/UPI-Spotlight-Melissa-McBride-watches-Walking-Dead-on-Sundays-just-like-us/3241455286648/]

AU where everything is the same except reciting The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe is a way to summon Sebastian

Like you say “Quoth the Raven” and he just appears behind you and goes “Nevermore!” or “Stop fucking gossiping about me Karen”